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Botched Plastic Surgery? New E! Show can help! Casting now

***Amazing opportunity for victims of PLASTIC SURGERY 


E! Entertainment wants to give you a chance to have world class doctors 

remedy your bad plastic surgery and go from Botched to Beautiful!

Casting now for women and men of all ages to tell your story AND you 

may have the chance to have corrective surgery!

Have you been a victim of bad plastic surgery…..a frightening 

facelift, shockingly bad boob and hideous nose job, devastating 

tummy tuck or a lopsided butt lift?

After trying to enhance your physical appearance did you end up 

unhappier with how you looked? 

Please email us at BOTCHEDcasting@gmail.com with your contact 

information, a brief bio, and tell us about your Surgery nightmare (what 

did you want fixed, why, how much did it cost, what happened, what do 

you want changed, how is this affecting you). Please include pictures of 

yourself from before and after.


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