Entrepreneur Aims to Launch Cereal-Flavored Milk Product

LOS ANGELES, Calif.  –  As a boy, Justin Massion loved to eat his cereal, whether it was strawberry, chocolate, or other flavored cereal, Massion found that drinking the milk after the cereal was gone was the best part of his morning breakfast.

“I was reminiscing with my friends and we got to talking about how much we miss that cereal milk and how it would be so great to be able to put it in a bottle and have people enjoy it,” Massion said.

“I thought about it for a moment and realized we could do it. By reaching out to manufacturers, bottlers and distributors we can make this happen.”

With a fund-raising plan launching today, Massion and his team hope to raise $100,000 in two months to attract additional investors in order to make the Cereal Milk effort a reality. By raising awareness through a comprehensive marketing and publicity campaign Massion believes his message of bringing back a childhood favorite will reach those who also love cereal milk.

Through a variety of rewards and incentives on his dedicated fund-raising Web site, www.CerealMilk.com, Massion and his team will raise not only awareness, but the funds needed to meet their goal. Already, the effort has gathered a number of social media, marketing, publicity and business experts who are helping launch the fund-raising effort.

With a background in business, financing, technology, film and Web design, Massion brings more than 10 years experience to this effort. His work in successfully developing and launching so-called crowd-funding efforts for a variety of clients such as The Motivational Edge after-school program, filmmakers Michael Nadeau and Kyle Schember, and a slew of other clients, Massion is for the first time taking his crowd-funding know-how for his own ambitious project.

“I feel it’s about time that I used my experience and expertise to develop a funding program that will launch a project of my own that is truly close to my heart,” he said.

“It’s a great opportunity for people to support a great cause. And it’s not rocket science. We get cereal. We pour milk on it and take the milk, bottle it with all those great flavors and ship them to customers.”

To learn more, please visit www.CerealMilk.com.


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