Congressional Candidate Marc Litchman pledged to introduce federal legislation aimed at breaking up the LAUSD. 

A smaller, local school district will make smaller class sizes possible, improve teacher morale, build better relationships with parents and the community and ensure that more taxpayer money makes its way into the classroom where it belongs.

According to the LA 2020 Commission, chaired by former Secretary of Commerce, Mickey Kantor: “Our public school system is failing our children and betraying the hopes of their hard-working parents. 

This year, the Los Angeles Unified School District will spend $7.1 billion to educate close to 640,000 of our young people, but a recent survey found less than 60%of LAUSD students graduated from high school. 

For every 100 LAUSD students who enter 9th grade, just 32 will complete the course requirements to enter the UC or Cal State systems. How will they compete in a globalized economy in which education and income are inextricably linked?”

Federal aid makes up about 12 per cent of the LAUSD budget or $700 million dollars.

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) underserves over 900,000 students at over 1,000 campuses covering over 720 miles. With over 100,000 employees and a 6.8 billion dollar annual budget the slow, bloated unresponsive District is characterized by low student performance and teacher morale, decaying and dangerous infrastructure, fraud and abuse and wasteful spending.


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