Revamping a Burbank Icon

after interior
after interior
I have spent my entire life in Burbank. I remember as a little girl walking home from McKinley Elementary and passing a salon  on the corner of Victory and Valencia called "The Hairdo" that seemed frozen in time, circa 1953. My 7 year old face glued to the window watching women sitting under vintage helmet dryers with curlers in their hair. These women, like beauty queens to me, enjoying conversation and good hair. Fast forward 25 years and now I'm looking from the inside out, smiling at children glued to our windows with curiousity of the hustle and bustle inside. My husband and I took over this Burbank landmark and turned it into something revolutionary, Burbank's first and only styling studio otherwise known as a blow dry salon. I have spent my whole life serving Burbank in its school district and retail arena and now I'm living the dream of owning my own business. What better place to live "the dream" and inspire others than in your own home town!
Pouring our blood, sweat, and tears into rennovating this space, we attracted many neighbors and passers by. They all have a memory connecting themselves to this place. It was apparent early on that we had big shoes to fill. Sure the place had been occupied before but renovated? Changed? Never!...We were committed to keeping accents of the original salon as a reminder of what use to be and to pay homage. But now it's our time and our mission to make this salon a success. Because it, like me, has spent its entire life serving Burbank.

Inspired by my hardworking parents who came to Burbank knowing there was something special about this town, I am dedicating myself to being part of this wonderful community and its commerce. 
As this location was before, my hope is that it stays and will always be, a Burbank icon. A place you pass by and smile at with nostalgia. 
Cheers,Eva Razo818.903.4381www.blowboss.comfacebook/blowbossstylingstudioFollow us on Instagram @blowboss


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