Technology Tune-Up from The Gadget Men ...

An early era Gadget Man!
An early era Gadget Man!
Is your VCR still flashing at "12:00"?  

Trying to figure out which of your 5 remotes to use to watch the evening news?

Your iPhone died and you lost all your contacts and pictures?

The Gadget-Men are here to help!

Two of the most trusted names in technology & security offer an in-home “Technology Tune-Up” for all your gadgets.  Service includes set-up for all your devices, including security updates, back-up, integration across your devices (iPhones, Android phones, iPads, tablets,  laptops, computers, wireless networks, gaming systems, X-Box, Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Wii), technology evaluation and recommendations, troubleshooting, contacts & e-mail & calendar set-up, location tracking, and more.

Check us out at www.Gadget-Men.com, or e-mail us at aGadgetMan@gmail.com, or call us at 818.739.8388 for more information!  


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