The Online Comedy Series 'Winners' Debuts on YouTube

The Cast of "Winners" is from left Stephen Young, Lauren Pritchard, Terry Peay, Paul Carganilla, Rya Meyers, Eddie Kaulukukui and Tyler Cole.
The Cast of "Winners" is from left Stephen Young, Lauren Pritchard, Terry Peay, Paul Carganilla, Rya Meyers, Eddie Kaulukukui and Tyler Cole.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – The quirky ensemble comedy Web series “Winners,” outlining the lives of a group of hapless actors, musicians and comedians in Los Angeles has launched on YouTube.

“After a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, we’re proud to launch ‘Winners’ for our fans, supporters and everyone that made it happen,” said Jared White, producer and director of the series.

The show, which airs new episodes on Wednesdays, tells the story of eccentric talent manager Dave Van Gogh, played by Paul Carganilla who was a struggling actor for 13.5 years before managing talent. After becoming the face of Stay Strong Condoms in TV commercials, Dave bought a house in an L.A. suburb and decided to open his doors to starving artists trying to make it in Hollywood. As head of Winners Talent, he represents each of his tenants as their manager and life coach.

Watch episode 2 here: http://youtu.be/KBLYA8fYt9w.

The tenants, whom Dave calls his “Winners,” include a lazy actor (Terry Peay of “The Bee”), a talentless pageant queen, (Rya Meyers, “Sleepy Hollow”), an awkward comedienne, (Lauren Pritchard, “True Blood”), an aspiring sci-fi writer/blogger (Stephen Young from the Sundance hit “Like Crazy”), and a dabbling actor/model/musician (Eddie Kaulukukui, “Hawaii Five-O”).

The 13-episode series will feature actor Kato Kaelin, (“Tosh.0”) who is known for his film and TV work as well as for his testimony in the O.J. Simpson murder trial. It will also feature actress/TV host Dana Workman of the SyFy Channel’s “Haunted Highway,” actor Rolando Molina of FX Channel’s “Justified,” comedian Joe Bereta of the online series “SourceFed,” and reality star Christina Cha who was among the final four contestants of CBS’s “Survivor” in 2012.

“It’s a quirky show with a lot of unusual but fun characters that in a way reflect some of the stranger characters you’ll encounter in this business,” said Paul Carganilla, who also serves as the series executive producer, co-creator and head writer.

“The show would not have worked without the right cast. We’ve been lucky to have some extremely talented people like Lauren Pritchard, Rya Meyers, Stephen Young … everyone in our cast perfectly crafted these characters to be funny, intriguing and just a ton of fun to watch!”

The show was made possible by a successful grass-roots fund-raising campaign through Kickstarter.com last August. 

“We knew we had a crazy idea for a series, but we also knew if we could get people excited about it we would be successful. And thankfully, people responded to our excitement,” said Terry Peay, series co-creator.

The show premiered on March 19 and will debut a new episode every Wednesday at 12 noon.

The show is directed and co-produced by Jared White, executive produced by Paul Carganilla, Terry Peay. Johnny Byul Lee and Danielle Argyros are co-producers.

To learn more, please visit www.WinnersTalent.com.


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