TLC For Your Closet

One of the best strategies for keeping clothes looking their best is to have a clean, organized closet.  Monthly, it’s a good idea to take everything off the floor of your closet and vacuum thoroughly.  Dust off shelves and purge your closet of outdated clothing.  If you have cedar in your closet, re-sand it or apply fresh cedar oil every few years to retain its effectiveness. Floral sachets can keep sweaters smelling fresh and ready to wear.  Finally, avoid mothballs and pesticides that are toxic to pets and children, with difficult-to-remove odors. 

Here are a few additional ideas:

·         Donate items you no longer wear.

·         Decide what to store.

·         Organize garments by type and color.

·         Arrange folded items.

·         Pick a system for storing shoes.

For more information, to find a location near you, or to sign up for coupons via our newsletter, visit http://www.flaircleaners.com/ or find us on Facebook.


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