Brothers on the Run at Laemmle NoHo 7

'Deep Dark Canyon' is about two siblings being chased by a vengeful family that runs a small town.

Two young Northern Californian brothers run for their lives when they accidentally cross a small town family dynasty in Deep Dark Canyon, now playing at the Laemmle NoHo 7.

The latest full-length feature film from married filmmaking duo Abe Levy and Silver Tree is set in the real-world community of Guerneville, situated in Sonoma County.

The story begins with a pair of brothers on a hunting trip in a redwood forest. Skylar Towne (Nick Eversman) think he sees a prized buck, but accidentally shoots and kills Dick Cavanaugh, the patriarch of the family that runs the town. While he's was in the process of being booked, his older brother Nate (Spencer Treat Clark), who is more of the instigator type and resents the Cavanaughs, helps him escape.

The two spend most of the movie on the run while trying to steer clear of the vengeful Cavanaugh family and their rifles.

Ted Levine, known best for playing Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs and his role on Monk, plays the boys' father who is the sheriff of Guerneville and has to walk the fine line of enforcing out the law or trying to protect his sons.

Levy said he and his wife drew inspiration from 1980s films like The Outsiders and Red Dawn where youngsters band together under tough circumstances.

"Movies about kids rely on each other and against all odds, those movies really  appeal to us so we wanted to make something inspired by those," he said.

Deep Dark Canyon has a fairly large cast and there's one character that appears in about every scene: firearms.

Tree hails from Guerneville, while Levy grew up about 30 minutes south.

"Everybody in the town that I grew up in, everyone except my family had gun racks in the back of their trucks with their shotguns and rifles," he said.

While not inherently an anti-gun film, Deep Dark Canyon has a few comments about such weapons and the problems they pose in today's world.

Tree and Levy will hold a Q&A session after Friday night's 7:50 p.m. screening at the Laemmle NoHo 7. Click here for showtimes.


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