Metal Legends Anvil Recording in North Hollywood

The band heads back to the studio with a new bass player.

Influential Canadian metal band Anvil is working on its 15th album, Hope in Hell, at NRG recording studios in North Hollywood and is due for a spring 2013 release, according to Blabbermouth.net.

The group originally formed in 1978. Bassist Glenn Five, who joined in 1996, left the band earlier this year as Sal Italiano stepped in to take his place.

Lead singer Steve "Lips" Kudlow said of working with the new bandmate: ""It's so much more a relaxed, comfortable feeling on the stage," he told Blabbermouth.net. "Sal steps back for me to do the front thing rather than trying to compete with it, or be a distraction to it. It's comfortable — it makes it very comfortable when everybody realizes what it all is and there's no bad vibes, which is . . .  I mean, vibes between the members is everything and the ill feelings that we had around us are gone."

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