'Shark Tank' Hopefuls Line Vineland Avenue For 2 Days With Their Inventions [Watch VIDEOS]

They came from as far as Hawaii and Alabama and camped out for two days for the audition at the Beverly Garland Hotel.

Inventors from all over the country stood in line in front of thend all the way down to the on Ventura and Vineland on Thursday for a chance to get on the inventor's reality show Shark Tank.

Check out some of the pitches in the gallery above in the video section. Police and fire trucks kepty driving by periodically but said no problems arose, and the hotel was allowing people to come in to use the bathrooms. A representative from the show said that this was a usual crowd for the show.

The first people in line camped out since Wednesday morning at 4 a.m. That was Laszlow Ruby, a Hungarian immigrant who lives in Florida. 

"I stayed here all day and all night because I wanted to make sure I made it on the show," said Ruby (see his pitch in the videos in the gallery above.)

Prescott Woodford came down from San Francisco, but he would not even say what he was pitching. In fact, many people along the line were very secretive about their inventions.

Kimberly Otwell (kimberlyotwell.com) is touting Buffalo Balls. She said she will make you say "Oh my! It's Delicious" and has a website of that name. (See her pitch in the videos above, too.)

Christopher Odell was on line with his dog, Buddha. He is pitching sports gear. "It's been getting hot out here, but people are helping with shade." The clothes are made of hemp and are "strongly environmental." 

Lisa Collins, from Brea, was offering Buddha some shade. She pulls out a doll to demonstrate her specially-designed bib wipe-up that she invented.

Zachary Eddy from Texas brought him a sink, and demonstrated how it will time how long someone washes their hands, especially at restaurants where hand washing is the rule, but there's no way to monitor it.

"I have been out here since 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, and it is worth it," Eddy said. "Your invention can get a boost."

There was ScarfSecret.com, people with posters and charts, and wrapped boxes with equipment and prototypes.

Back at the end of the line, Tom and Jeanine Trikilis arrived before the casting show started. They are pitching and expansion of Olivia's Dollhouse to other areas.

"In this time of slow unemployment, we offer a nice alternative," said Jeanine. They have a shop in Beverly Hills, Valencia , Las Vegas and other places and they are offering a percentage to go rigth to charities.

"We're so far back in line, I hope we at least get heard," said Tom.

Miki Henderson May 25, 2012 at 07:35 PM
I was wondering what those Nutters were doing out there the last two days!!!!
Peggy Boyleston May 26, 2013 at 10:23 AM
You Go Tom & Jeanine ! You have a Great Plan !


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