13 Reasons Why You Should Go to the Studio City Film Festival

The stars, the ease, the cost, what more could you want?

Need something to do that’s different for a change?

The first local film festival is going on until Feb. 10, and here are some of the reasons you should check it out. 

  • It’s Our Local Community Festival. Yes, it’s named the Studio City Film Festival, and it’s located (for now) in Sherman Oaks. Ironically, there is no longer a public theater in Studio City. But the people who run the festival love the history of Studio City,  and they want to keep it a local event.
  • Get Local Deals. Make it a night out, an early Valentine’s Date. Vitello’s Express is offering 10 percent off if you bring in the program. Other specials are at Sweet  Butter, Il Tiramisu, The Coffee Roaster, Passions, Mom BBQ House, Whole Foods Market, Sattdown Jamaica Grill, Stell Artois, Cut Hair, The Massage Clinic, Sportsmen’s Lodge, Senor Fred and Café Cordiale.
  • It’s Within Walking Distance. Near the intersection of Woodman and Ventura Boulevard, the venue is the CAP (Complete Actors Place) Studio at 13752 Ventura Blvd., which is a fascinating place, if you’ve been intimidated about going in before. There’s fantastic art on the walls, a patio, side rooms to chat and a large screen theater with comfortable seats.
  • Parking is Easy. Read the signs, but during the day you can grab one of those 10-hour meters on the side streets on the north side of Ventura Boulevard. After 8 p.m. you can park along Ventura Boulevard for free (but otherwise the meters are only one hour.)  After 6 p.m. you can park for free on Matilija Avenue, otherwise it’s a two-hour max.
  • Tickets are Cheap. A price for a BLOCK of movies is $12 if you purchase in advance, and that could get you four or five movies for a time period as long as two-and-a-half hours.
  • You Won’t See These Movies Anywhere Else. Some of these independent and foreign films will never be released in mainstream venues.
  • You Will Be the First. Of course, there is the hope that some of these movies and artists will be picked up by a major studio, and you can say that you saw it first at this festival—many of the movies are being shown for the first time. Help set up the buzz.
  • It’s a Community Event. Meet the actors, filmmakers and your neighbors before and after the movies in a nice convenient talking area in rooms just off the theater.
  • It’s Not Just Movies. Some of the nights will include stand-up comedy, original singing, cover bands and other kinds of live entertainment.
  • You’ll Get Educated. Not only are their fascinating narrative films and short movies from all across the globe, but there are stimulating documentaries. There’s “Death by China 2.0” about the dangerous products made in China and shipped to America, there’s “Momo: The San Giancana Story” about the Chicago mob boss and “Give Me Shelter” about animal rights issues around the world.
  • You’ll See Stars. Every block will have a few of the actors in the shows, and some of them are name actors. (We know for a fact that Oscar-nominated actress Sally Kirkland will be attending Saturday afternoon for “Polly.”)
  • You Can Find Out about the Movies. See trailers, read blogs about the making of the films and more by searching on Patch, (See this story: http://patch.com/E-th4p)
  • It’s an Adventure. Some of the descriptions are rather general, but the films are fascinating. It’s like a grab bag, or a movie treasure hunt. Some you’ll hate, some you’ll love, but most of them you’ll never forget.

You can write reviews about these films too, just by clicking on the START A BLOG button. Have your say! Enjoy the festival.

For other stories and details about the festival CLICK HERE.

maria muse February 09, 2013 at 03:50 PM
But it's in Sherman Oaks. So it's not in Studio City. Why call it that? I don't dig that stuff.
Miki Henderson February 09, 2013 at 05:57 PM
OK, I think there are plenty of places in Studio City that this film festival could have been held at... there's that big screen at RAIN disco, there's that place where they shot Magic Mike, there must be a place at CBS Radford Studios and what about that yoga/screening room near Arch Dr. and Ventura??? Maybe there should be a separate Sherman Oaks film festival too, like Sherman Oaks Shorts or somethign like that


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