Burbank's Flair Cleaners Turns 40

The business has been open at 337 N. Pass Ave. since 1973.

Flair Cleaners in Burbank
Flair Cleaners in Burbank
In a tough economic climate it's hard enough to keep a business afloat, let alone celebrate its 40th year in operation, but that's exactly Flair Cleaners in Burbank is doing, the Burbank Leader reports.

It's been four decades since the family-owned chain opened its doors in the neighborhood and some of the employees have been there just as long.

“It’s just a pleasure to work,” manager Ronald Roscoe, who’s worked at Flair Cleaners since day one, told the Burbank Leader.

Owner Gary Futterman shared with Patch one of his favorite stories about his business that involves a memory from long ago and one that was made much more recently.

"Recently, we had the honor of preserving a wedding dress for the daughter of one of our clients whose own wedding dress we cleaned and preserved years before,” he said. “And, one customer told us that he celebrates both the anniversary of his first visit to Flair and the anniversary of purchasing his home in 1991 on the same day.”

Click here to read more about the business and its upcoming annual clothing drive.

Flair Cleaners is located at 337 N. Pass Ave. 


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