Documentary Plans to Chronicle Forming of NoHo Arts District and NoHo Magazine

Next year will be the 20th anniversary of the forming of the NoHo Arts District, and the film plans to tell the story of its early days.

There's a documentary in the works about the start of the NoHo Arts District and NoHo Magazine, a publication of "high and low culture for the Valley."

Next year will be the 20th anniversary of the forming of the NoHo Arts District, and the documentary, titled Critic's Dilemma, will chronicle the 20 issues of NoHo Magazine that were published, according to the documentary's website, NoHo20.com.

Recently the website announced that NoHo-based filmmaker Ester Brym has been hired to direct the documentary.

Patch had the pleasure of about her documentary film, Butterflies, which ran in the Valley Film Festival and won the 10 Degrees Hotter Awards for Best Documentary. The film was also chosen to be screened in the recent . Brym also had a short film, 12 Hours, in .

“Ester is a perfect fit for this project on several levels,” Critic’s Dilemma producer Jim Bursch wrote on the NoHo20.com blog. “She has successfully produced her first feature documentary, which was recently selected by Arclight Cinemas for their film festival, and it’s about YouTube, so Ester has unique experience and insight into new media and social media. Not only that, but she is a terrific filmmaker. She knows how to tell a compelling story on the screen. And the clincher, of course, is that she lives in the NoHo Arts District.”

LABornAndRaised November 23, 2011 at 02:17 AM
Sounds like an interesting documentary. Looking forward to seeing it when it comes out.


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