North Hollywood Reacts to Plastic Bag Ban

LA's plastic bags literally vanished overnight since a ban went into effect on New Year's Day, but not everyone is embracing the alternatives.

The Daily News reported from North Hollywood's Fresh & Easy where canvas bags were being sold at the checkout line for $2.79 and disposable paper bags were going for a dime apiece.

"It was kind of a shock," said Romulo Pedroza, who ended up by a canvas bag. 

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What are your thoughts on LA's plastic bag ban?
Do not take a Lane out on Lankershim for bikes January 03, 2014 at 08:40 PM
Welcome to the world of Food poising. Plus it is bad for bussiness.
Bob Peppermuller January 03, 2014 at 10:00 PM
Paper bags used to be factored in as part of the cost of doing business. So why the $0.10? Where is this ten cents going? BTW shop Burbank. No nanny govt there - yet.
Jean Jeunet January 03, 2014 at 11:29 PM
Wow Bob, I never thought I'd see the day you'd agree with Matthew. That's a new low. Proud to see LA take the charge with going green.
David Rivers January 03, 2014 at 11:33 PM
Yes Bob, let me drive to Burbank and spend my gas to save $0.10. That's logical. Glad to know you represent us on the council.
Laura January 04, 2014 at 02:57 AM
I doubt the stores are getting rich off the paper bag fees. The point is not to purchase paper bags. The point is to bring your own bag. That unreasonable $0.10 fee is to discourage you from simply switching to endless paper bags. And welcome to the world of food poisoning? I've been using my own reusable bags at the market for years without an issue. If it's such a concern, throw the bag in with your laundry once in a while. I remember the dark ages before markets flooded us with plastic bags. We managed then. We will manage now.
Alex White January 04, 2014 at 01:54 PM
I was in 2 separate stores yesterday, both large "warehouse" types rather than small markets. In one, with a nice selection of Eastern European food, plastic bags were still being used without question or comment. In the second, owned by a large corporation just one notch below Wally-mart in worldwide sales, plastic bags were being offered as a complimentary service with signs posted indicating as much. When they asked "paper or plastic?"-- the patron had the option of paying 10 cents per paper bag or accepting the complimentary plastic bags. Interesting. One point of confusion was the sign at the entrance indicating that all backpacks, bags, and packages were to be checked in at the front Manager's area? Is a reusable bag an exemption, and when and for whom? As for me, I purchased 20 paper bags from Ralphs, double bagged them, and then placed several of them into a few small cardboard boxes I purchased from the Box Store. Although I didn't shop at Ralph's, this configuration fit into the cart rather nicely, and it was a breeze to both pack and to carry my groceries into the house. Total cost under $7.00-- an reusable. Of course, this will probably confuse the hell out of the "professional" packers squashing stuff at the front of the register. I'll just insist that I pack my own. Now waiting for the stores to prohibit me from my personal solution and for not using a reusable bag or buying their paper bags. Such is city life!
Mary January 04, 2014 at 05:23 PM
I use my plastic bags for trash cans at home, and picking up after my dog. They don't get wasted. The people who have been working in plastic bag manufacturing plants don't get laid off. The people cleaning the streets because of careless shoppers don't get laid off. The Russian ship that just had its passengers airlifted because it was studying Global Warming and got stuck in the ice that wasn't supposed to be there may have to find a new jobs for the crew though. And if I wanted to SPEND MORE MONEY ON PLASTIC trash bags, and food storage bags, they are still right there on the shelves. Surprise. May I please be allowed to make my own decisions about plastic trash bags, health care, and education, before any more of my rights are taken away by people who glob onto the latest fashionable cause without questioning it first?
Stephanie January 06, 2014 at 05:51 AM
Thank you Mary! Plastic bags make up less than 1% of total garbage waste. The most common trash found on the beaches and oceans are cigarette butts and gum wrappers. Why don't we go after the illegal trash dumpers and litterers for putting crap like that in the ocean? Such a ridiculous law, it's no longer freedom TO, it's freedom FROM. Freedom from making decisions, we'll do it for you!
Mary January 06, 2014 at 12:00 PM
Hey Stephanie, I was thinking about how plastic bags are like dishwashers, clothes washers and clothes dryers. Sure, they are wonderfully convenient, but think of the millions of dollars wasted in electricity and the millions for gallons of water used in LA alone. Who really needs these machines? LA County residents can wash their own dishes, right? Wash their clothes in the sink. Hang their clothes out on a line. If they live in apartment buildings, we can force all the landlords to put up clothes lines or be fined. If we feel really strongly that we and we alone are RIGHT about this, let's go to a City Council meeting and get a referendum. Maybe we can get the sheriff's department in on this. Have them knock on all the doors, and remove any machines already installed by all those stupid citizens who don't see things our way. There's always new fines and taxes we could use to enforce the new laws, but why not be original? P.S. I'd love to keep this up, but some politician might actually read this and get it passed into law.
Stephanie January 06, 2014 at 01:44 PM
Mary, you're not going to believe this but I don't have a dishwasher. Also, anything that isn't a towel a sock or a sheet is line dried when I do my laundry. But I do that because dryers are really hard on your clothes, not because I want to conserve energy. I also ride my bicycle whenever I can, and for long distances I drive a car with a fat V8. I used to be so into the conservation and the environment. Working for a politician showed me how spin and a few well placed catch phrases can change everything. After helping with the campaign for the Red Line, I left and never went back. Can you imagine SWAT going on a raid for a dryer? Ha Ha! Kicking in a door demanding to know where the dryer is located. The dad doesn't know what they are talking about as SWAT moves through the house finding a dryer behind a curtain. A mom tries to hide evidence, shoving a box of dryer sheets down her shirt. The crying couple put in a squad car moaning they only wanted their clothes to be April fresh! Illegal dryers BUSTED! Tonight on COPS!


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