VIDEO: Pure Barre Kicks a Leg Up in Sherman Oaks

Owner Jamie Wells says she wants to bring the friendly fusion of Pilates and ballet barre fitness to the community.

Patch stopped by the recently opened Pure Barre fitness studio at 13559 Ventura Blvd., to chat a little with Jamie Wells, owner of the Sherman Oaks business, and find out what's new and different about it.

This Pure Barre location actually shares an entryway with a yoga studio, and is nestled among a variety of specialty boutique storefronts and small eateries along this particular stretch of the boulevard. There's even a requisite Starbucks at the east end of the block, which should give a boost to its discovery.

Wells told Patch that she is a native "born and raised" Southern Californian. 

Wells said the feelings she gets from her Pure Barre workouts conjure up good memories about being a cheerleader and dancer in high school, and a hip-hop dancer at UCLA. Nowadays, Wells said she mostly runs marathons and does yoga.

Wells said she was so inspired by her Pure Barre experience, that she wanted to bring it to her community. She said her facility has been only open for over a month, and she is seeing a good growth in membership.

Wells informed Patch that there are over a hundred franchise locations across the United States and that the company is still growing. 

"It's a wonderful brand, a wonderful company, and we've been having a great time here in Sherman Oaks," Wells said.

Patch: How did you find out about Pure Barre?

Wells: So, I've always been into fitness, and I really love fitness. I do everything from running to kickboxing. I was in grad school and my friends actually introduced me to Pure Barre... (they) took me to Pure Barre and I just fell in love with it right from the get go. Just everything about it, the community aspect of it, the way you really work out your muscles with zero impact, essentially; and it kind of took me back to my days when I danced.

It's in a studio, it's amazing music, so it's a really a unique kind of workout that's really super-effective and different than anything else I had done before. I feel I have tried so many things in fitness, so it was a nice addition to my regimen. 

Patch:  What's the difference between Pure Barre and other fitness studios?

Wells:  It's inspired by Pilates and a little bit of the ballet barre, obviously, but it utilizes small, isometric movements. Really focusing, targeting the muscle areas we all like to be more toned in, like the arms, back of the arms, abs, seat, thighs. Really we just focus on that, so it's really intense movements for those specific areas, but zero impact and really amazing music. I'd say the real difference is zero impact and really targeted focus.

Patch:  Is the ballet barre incorporated in all the exercises?

Wells:  Thigh exercises are at the barre... seat exercises are at the barre... so it's a mix, with most exercises at the barre, and the rest is floorwork.


Patch:  Who is the typical Pure Barre client?

Wells:  It's mainly geared toward women, although we do have men who come in, also. But it's anybody, really, who is looking to get more toned in those areas I talked about: the seat, abs, thighs and arms. A lot of women who've had babies, because it's very safe. You can do it through your pregnancy. Women who are getting married... really it's for anybody who wants to tone up.

Patch:  How are your customers discovering Pure Barre?

Wells:  The great thing about being a franchise is that it's a nationwide brand,  so a lot of women came in, and they had heard about it from a friend... word-of-mouth is really big. Just on the Internet, we've done a little bit of Facebook marketing, but really just through the brand, and people walking by. We have an established yoga place next door, so that helps out a lot. 


Patch:  Do you have certain aspirations for your company?

Wells:  To know the community more...  draw more people into this amazing workout... and share the benefits.


Pure Barre - Sherman Oaks

13559 Ventura Blvd.

Sherman Oaks, CA 91423





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