"Rain Forest" space re-opening as sushi bar / seafood restaurant

The space at 11026 Magnolia Blvd., formerly the Rain Forest Cafe / Royal Garden / Purple Monkey looks to open soon as "Kahuna Tiki", a Polynesian-themed restaurant and sushi bar.  Remodeling is underway and they will retain the open-air space, as well as an indoor sushi bar. Kahuna Tiki will be open for lunch and dinner, with a menu that features oysters, lobster rolls, and fish dishes in addition to sushi.  Welcome to the neighborhood! 
David Keesey May 30, 2014 at 03:03 PM
I'm thrilled that this incredible oasis is opening back up in NoHo. I love this spot and certainly look forward to trying the food. Best wishes to the owner.


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