New Fair Avenue Apartments Coming Next Spring

Work continues on the Ferrara Apartments and is expected to last through March 2013.

It might not be visible from the heart of the NoHo Arts District, but just head a block west to Fair Avenue and Hesby Street and its pretty tough to miss the 308-unit apartment complex that's under construction.

The Ferrara Apartments, an Alliance Residential project, includes an underground parking lot and is the biggest building in the immediate neighborhood, but before construction started last spring, the site remained a dormant lot for years.

Project Manager Ron Barker says full completion is slated for about a year from now, but that 85 units will be ready for leasing by next March. Subsequent batches of 85 apartments are scheduled to roll out throughout 2013 until every unit is available for lease, he said.

The development will include 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom apartments, two courtyards and other amenities like outdoor dining and bar areas, pools as well as sunning cabanas, according to the architect's website.

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