Out Now: Valley Glen Neighborhood Association Newsletter

Read about the latest happenings in the neighborhood which includes a section of North Hollywood west of the 170 Freeway.

The latest edition of the quarterly newsletter for the Valley Glen Neighborhood Association is out now.

Some highlights from the newest issue of the Valley Glen Voice include:

  • A local Van Nuys couple who lends out books out of a "little library" in front of their house.
  • A new Middle Eastern grocery moving into a North Hollywood shopping center 12521 Oxnard St.
  • The demolition of a home-in-construction that's caught on fire twice on Sunnyslope Avenue.

Check out the attached document to view the newsletter.

The Valley Glen Neighborhood Association is home to 5,000 residences and businesses and includes parts of Van Nuys and North Hollywood.

Judy Price February 11, 2013 at 05:07 PM
Hi Arin, this is NOT the Greater Valley Glen Newsletter. It is the newsletter by the Valley Glen Neighborhood Association which is a distinctly different organization. The VGNA is the founding organization for Valley Glen. Would appreciate a correction. Thank you. --Judy Price, Valley Glen Neighborhood Association
Judy Price February 11, 2013 at 05:15 PM
Arin, thanks for such a swift response and correction. --Judy Price
Bruce Mitchell February 12, 2013 at 02:05 AM
I am new to the area near James Madison Middle School and would like to find out what neighborhood association and neighborhood council serves this area and how to get in touch with them. Can anyone help? Thank you.
Judy Price February 12, 2013 at 04:37 PM
Hi Bruce, if you are south of Vanowen west of the 170 Fwy., you would be in the Greater Valley Glen Council, www.gvgc.org. but if you are north of Vanowen, here are the boundaries for two neighborhood councils in your area. Which one you are in depends on your exact addresss. The North Hollywood West NC is north of Vanowner and east of Fulton. They can be reached at NoHoWest@gmail.com. East of Whitsett and North of Vanowen is the North Hollywood North East Neighborhood Council, NoHoNorthEastNC@gmail.com. As far as your local neighborhood association, I don't know if one exists in your area but you are outside the boundaries of the Valley Glen Neighborhood Association as our northern boundary east of Fulton is Kittridge Street. I applaud your effort to get involved. Government goes to those who show up. --Judy Price
linda August 08, 2013 at 01:23 AM
I live in a house near the corner of Emelita and Bellaire. My zip code is 91607. The US Postal Service says I live in Valley Village with additional locations for my zip code as being the neighborhoods of North Hollywood, Studio City, and Valley Village. However, it does not recognize my living in Valley Glen. I do not appreciate a sign located on the corner of Coldwater Canyon Blvd. and Burbank Blvd. welcoming me to an area that is not part of my zip code. When I look at the map for your association at the following link http://valleyglen.org/map/. I can clearly see that my house is not inside the boundaries. Your sign does sit on a border of the association, but it faces the wrong way and makes people believe that they are entering Valley Glen which lies behind the sign as they cross from west to east, . If the sign were on the side of the Coldwater Wash (North West corner) with Valley College behind it, it would actually reflect Valley Glen's real boundaries and show that what lies behind the sign is part of Valley Glen as one crosses from east to west. As far as I am concerned and the neighbors I live with in 91607, we do not want to be identified with your neighborhood association. Your choosing to place that sign at that location leads people to believe I live in the 91606 zip code and this devalues my property value. My house in 91607 is worth a lot more than similar ones in 91606.
robert March 14, 2014 at 10:18 PM
Linda, you do not live in Valley Glen, but in North Hollywood. Here is the thing, When Valley Village was created, the Homeowner Association cut if off at Burbank Blvd because they wanted to be close to Studio City and didn't want the boundary to extend too far out because north of Burbank Blvd was too far and didn't want close association with "the ghetto." You'll be surprised that people south of Magnolia in VV refer to the area between Magnolia and Burbank Blvd as "ghetto" and filled with "mediocre homes and low income people." The post office created the VV zip code in 1991, but it extends into parts of North Hollywood, all the way up to Oxnard. Between Burbank, Oxnard, the Tujunga wash, and the 170 freeway, that area is still legally North Hollywood. Now, even though that area is NoHo, when the Greater Valley Glen Neighborhood Council was created, the city councilman wanted to extend the council boundaries so that area would also be represented. As you could imagine, the VV council didn't and doesn't want you for the reasons I stated above. I've seen that sign and you are correct, it doesn't belong there because even though you are apart of the council, you don't live in Valley Glen, but legally in NoHo. Its just like the situation in Sherman Oaks. When in 2009 the city council extended the Sherman Oaks boundaries from Burbank Blvd to Oxnard street boarded by the 405 and Hazletine, that area was still left in the Van Nuys neighborhood council district because Sherman Oaks neighborhood council didn't want them. So even though they are now legally Sherman Oaks, they are still represented by Van Nuys which isn't fair. If I were you, I would get together with my neighbors and get a petition signed and take it down to city hall and demand that you guys be represented by either the VV council or the North Hollywood Mid town neighborhood council. It can be done with organization and determination. Just get your neighbors talking and the paperwork moving.
robert March 14, 2014 at 10:38 PM
And Linda, if you wanna take it a step further, You and the neighbors could even petition to become Valley Village officially and abandon NoHo but NoHo is up and coming and especially with the purchase of Laurel Plaza


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