I think the businesses on Riverside in Toluca Lake are getting really cool- lots of diverse shops and eateries. I do the social media for Mo's, and I often refer to Toluca Lake as the Silver Lake for grownups- because it has all that a discerning taste for cool would want, but none of the things a grown up doesn't. Parking is easy, no lines or hassles, no scenes.  I think that Toluca Lake, in order to bring in fresh business, ought to really try to create more visibility in the social media world. I would be happy to help- but I see the changes and I think more people ought to think of Toluca Lake as a destination! Also- what's up with the farmer's market??? Buying local grown is HUGE right now, and playing up the farmer's market would be great as a draw, but the market is so very lame!!! Anyway- I do social media. I would love to help create a vibe for Toluca Lake. It was suggested that I go to each of the businesses to talk to them about this idea. If any businesses see this post, email me at shakethehive@gmail.com and let's talk. Toluca Lake is COOL! More people need to know.
irma glutz January 28, 2014 at 10:57 AM
Why not start with attending the Greater Toluca Lake Neighborhood Council (meets every 3rd Tuesday at Toluca Lake Elementary School on Cahuenga near Camarillo 7pm Also, ask to present your idea to the Toluca Lake Chamber of Commerce.. ask for Steve Hampar, I think he's the current president and also a Realtor.. worth a try, if you are serious? We are working on a neighborhood Community Design Overlay with the City of Los Angeles (sort of like Larchmont) and doing a traffic and parking study.. and a Streetscape Plan, all thanks to the terrific participation we used to have from both groups, and let's not forget the Toluca Lake Homeowners Association. We all VOLUNTEER our time though.. no one gets paid.
LABornAndRaised January 28, 2014 at 04:53 PM
While I agree with all your positive comments, the parking piece I have to disagree. I often don't drive to Toluca Lake because the parking is so difficult. Most people don't want to valet and the small number of spots behind the buildings gets filled up very quickly. I've had to circle the blocks multiple times and finally give up, especially during the 7pm rush.
irma glutz February 01, 2014 at 11:43 AM
The parking piece? That's why we are "working on a parking study" and it's actually being continually worked on, by a very prestigious company who does these things".. The problem? City funding is nil, and we need $$ to pay these folks.. Please volunteer to participate, we need your help and anyone else who can contribute in a positive manner.. The study and online comments have been done.. we need the implementation... as all the merchants, and resident will attest to.. We're all on the same page... Thanks for your input..


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