Five Car Salute—A Very Moving (moving) Memorial to 9-11

Kevyn Major Howard's 9/11 Angel Tribute Cars carry all the names of the victims and first responders from the September 11 attacks on America, including all flight victims, tower victims, police, and fire fighters.

Five customized Chevy cars with police lights flashing drew passersby on Riverside Drive, in front of George Barris' auto custom shop in North Hollywood. They are a memorial in motion, a tribute to victims and heroes of 9/11.

Actor, Kevyn Major Howard, created five "9/11 Angel Tribute Cars" which were on display on Riverside Drive in front of Barris Kustom Industries on Riverside Drive in North Hollywood, Saturday, June 24.

See our Patch interview (VIDEO) with the creator and innovator.

Kevin Major Howard asks, if you agree with his tribute, let Chevy know they could benefit from supporting Mr. Howard's efforts.

"America bailed out the auto industry, and maybe this is one way they can pay tribute to America in return."

The cars are stunning. All the names of every victim are painted neatly across the five cars, each specializing in one of the areas of attack or response in the massacre.

Donations to the cause, offering scholarships and other gifts to families surviving the victims and heroes, may be made at: www.FueledByTheFallen.org.

See more about Barris and his legendary shop: George Barris: 'King of Kustom Cars' Charges In With Wheels for 'Arthur'

Skraeling June 26, 2012 at 07:01 PM
Maybe, it is time to stop the exploitation of 9/11 and treat it like Pearl Harbor, a day that will live in infamy and from which we have moved on. Perhaps, instead of justifying the limiting of liberties in the Patriot Act, the growth of corporatism in the name of freedom, the wreckless use of our military to achieve secure areas for our oil lobby, we should begin to think of the 55,000+ dead in our Southern neighbor because of our love of drugs, and the thousands killed on our own streets as well....But, Let the flaming begin......................
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