Goblin, Ghost or Ghoul? Get Ready for a Toluca Lake Halloween

Toluca Lake retailers provide costumes for any budget.

Ghosts, goblins and witches all take center state this time of year. In the old days, people dressed in grotesque costumes and masks to scare away the winter’s evil spirits and the spirits of the dead. Nowadays, anything goes.

Soon to be ghouls, vampires and monsters are shopping for spooky garb and gear at local Toluca Lake retailers. Trick or treaters looking to accessorize a homemade costume or going all in and shopping for a complete outfit, wig, and makeup effects don’t have to travel far to find what they need for Halloween.

You can purchase everything from vampire fangs, pirate swords and witch hats to pumpkin treat holders and Halloween decorations for under a buck at the . I bought all my Halloween candy, a pumpkin pail, hanging Frankenstein, vampire and ghost decorations and a creepy devil mask with horns for about $7. It’s also a great place to get inexpensive festive serving platters, candles, plates and home décor if you’re planning a Halloween bash.

For serious adult Halloween shoppers, is the place to find all kinds of scary and sexy costumes as well as professional wigs and gruesome makeup effects.

“Most women go for the revealing costumes, such as a seductive pirate, nurse or cat,” said Danny Stein, Chief Financial Officer of Cinema Secrets.  “For the past few years, vampires have been the top costume choice for men.”

There are dozens of costumes and wigs to choose from. Additionally, professional make-up artists are on hand to help buyers customize their outfits with fake blood, latex noses and chins, horns, teeth and fangs, and false scar and wound make-up. For those who want to go all out, Cinema Secrets also offers professional make-up application services.

The store also has dozens of pictures to make choosing an outfit and makeup easier. My favorite costume picture find was an all-in-one Jon and Kate Gosselin get up. Half of the costume consisted of an Ed Hardy shirt and jeans sewn to the other half, a sweater set and jeans (or I would guess you could alter this and always go the Dancing with the Stars route and do half of a ballroom gown). The kicker is the wig - half short black hair for Jon and half blonde bizarrely sculptured asymmetrical do for the Kate side.

Whether you are going for simple, cute and sexy or elaborate, macabre and scary, you can find everything you need right in downtown Toluca Lake.


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