Lankershim Boulevard Lighting and Trees

Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs.
Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs.
Here is my thinking on how Lankershim Boulevard needs to transform itself into to be attractive to all. 

I wanted to express a few thoughts and ideas to see how others feel on the street lights that were chosen for Lankershim street and the NoHo Arts District years ago. The plain 2 tier green post street lighting that was originally installed gives the street a bland, unattractive look and feel. With the rich culture of North Hollywood's past along with the growing artistic community and buildings that continues to flourish here I suggest we bring back the older antique street lighting you see on Magnolia street. This would enhance bring the feeling of our neighborhood back that old town feeling and give bring a more pedestrian and visual feel. Add a few finishing touches like iron bench's, hanging flowers from the street lights and we have a more visual user friendly arts district.

Most if not all costs could be underwritten through sponsorships from local businesses and people who live, work or play here. With each sponsorship include a plaque at the base of each fixture acknowledging the donor for their donation? To bring a more ascetic look and feel, remove the trees that are currently in the tree wells. These distract from our Boulevard, cover businesses, who BTW trim them down to an ugly stump. They become an eyesore, unattractive and a hazard due to the root system lifting up the sidewalks and curbs. If we view other streets that have gone through a transition such as Santa Monica Boulevard or even Palm Cyn Boulevard in Palm Springs with their majestic lighted Palms maybe then would be bring businesses to stick around. 

With the help of Paul Kerkorian our city councilman, local businesses, nurseries or garden centers to underwrite the cost of the removal and planting of new trees you might have your project covered. This project worked very well with an organization called Aid for AIDS www.aidforaids.net. Their ongoing project offers donors various levels of commitment by sponsoring a tree along Santa Monica Boulevard for people who have passed away from AIDS. With a donation of $2,000 you have a choice of purchasing the entire tree with your name on a plaque or for a lessor amount your name would be included with additional contributors. I purchased one myself for my partner who died from the disease. It's a lasting memory that lives on. We could utilize this idea to fund other projects that might be considered. 

As a community we need to come together voice our opinions to bring that change we are all looking for in NoHo and beyond.  
David Keesey January 08, 2014 at 12:02 PM
David, if you attend the Neighborhood Council meeting tonight, you could speak to the council about Matthew or talk with him in person about his behavior as he volunteers his time to speak out about a variety of things in these meetings. Most comments as you can see have been negative, that is if you are able to understand him! He is an embarrassment to these posts and our District, especially word calling about our Councilman Paul Krekorian "Sitting on his fat ass." His behavior has gotten the attention of many on this site as well as others. I do hope you are able to contact Arin to discipline him! Frankly speaking, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!
David Keesey January 08, 2014 at 12:56 PM
For those that would like to discuss Matthew's or anyone else's behavior please contact the Editor in charge: Email arin@patch.com Phone (323) 691-4108 http://calabasas.patch.com/users/arin-mikailian Matthew has been banned before and changed his name to "Do not take a lane..." This type of behavior of his stops the creative process on sites like these due to his continuous BULLYING!
Diana Swartz January 08, 2014 at 02:30 PM
Hi, everyone! Patch welcomes and encourages varying opinions and lively debate as long as everyone is respectful to each other and behaves civilly. We're all adults here. Please keep the conversation above name-calling and review the rules of engagement you agreed to when creating your user account on North Hollywood-Toluca Lake Patch: http://northhollywood.patch.com/terms. If you have a question about Patch's Terms of Use, feel free to contact me at diana.swartz@patch.com.
Lightnapper January 08, 2014 at 04:44 PM
Too rich.... While I don't agree with what "Do Not" is doing, neither do I condone censorship because bothersome "Do Not" is irritating, ill-mannered, insensitive, and sometimes uses language that some people might consider "offensive." He's mild compared to some folks. I consider No-Ho lucky that it's just the word "ass" and not much worse from an "alternative" perspective. At least we don't have to wade through the really negative aspects of language usage, bias, personal opinion, ignorance, racist and anti-lifestyle choices found on some Patch sites. Check out "14 Property Crimes in 14 Days" on Highland Park-Mt. Washington Patch for a taste of that. The recent Malibu Patch Lagoon Fiasco was priceless. Who's sleeping with whom. My turf or yours? For No-Ho, it's just one grammatically incorrect, politically motivated, personal agenda driven, gadfly's bewildering comments, albeit ad infinitum. Laugh at him as I do; ignore him if he irritates you; or, engage him if you dare step into that alternate universe-- civilly of course. "Adults" is a key word. Honestly, the "Do Not" Comment War got me to read the Blog article, which normally I would have passed on.
Do not take a Lane out on Lankershim for bikes January 08, 2014 at 07:22 PM
Oh David the idea will not work since the broad dose not support it I am not emburessed but this a very bad idea when bussiness do not have the money take you your btc commumuntine that meets last Wenesday of month at the Police . OH and Look at Paul record in the Art distirct that is why it is not go to work with his district.


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