please vote for this Vibrant Candidate for a Vibrant midtown Neighborhood Council on March 20 2014 from 4pm-8pm

Kevin Mackeivie
District 4 Resident
I have enjoyed working for the stakeholders in our Neigborhood Council for the past two years. I serve on these committees Chairman of communications/ outreach; Beautification; Planning, Land use, House and Transportation; Public Safety & Cert.
This has given me a unique perspective on the many issues facing all who live and work in the North Hollywood area. I want to continue to work on inclusitity reductions in crime through law enforcement, and general parking and transportation headaches in the Noho Arts District.
District 4 At Large
Jenifer jackson
Native born Angelino Jennifer is the strongest candidate for district 4 Neighborhood Council. As a resident and local business owner, her unwavering love for this city has grown, as she herself has actively participated in and wintessed the variety of positive changes to the community over the years . She has felt their effects first hand. Jennifer is passionate and driven to contribute her local experience and knowledge to the board of her Neighborhood Council. Excited to be involved in North Hollywoold, as it reach's it's true pontenial.
District 4 Bussiness
My name is Janine Jordan aka Mz. NoHo. I am a local ambassador representing the people that live, work, own businesses, or patronize the NoHo Arts District. This blog is a way to hear NoHo and for the rest of NoHo to hear to so we can work together to create an ever evolving brilliant and vibrant arts community. I am currently running for the Business Seat in District 4 for MidTown North Hollywood. Elections are March 20th! Vote for me and make your voice heard! #empowerLA #LA2050 #SpeakNoHo2me and let's build a beautiful community.
FEBRUARY 22, 2014
Thursday, March 20, 2014

Polling Hours:
4 pm to 8 pm

Emmanuel Lutheran Church
6220 Radford Ave
North Hollywood, CA 91606-3394
FEBRUARY 22, 2014
Speak NoHo To Me

Our local Neighborhood Councils are run by local neighborhood stakeholders (residents, workers, business owners). They are a way to draw the community together to keep the community informed, safe and beautiful. Our local council gives us the opportunity for participate and have a united voice in our community. This survey is a way for us to hear YOUR voice. It gives YOU the opportunity to share with your local elected council members YOUR great ideas (that might not have already been identified) and also any concerns you might have so they might be addressed and prioritized. This survey is a way for YOU to make your neighborhood better. Remember, neighborhood council elections are March 20th for North Hollywood. It is another excellent opportunity for you to make your neighborhood a better place. This survey was prepared by *Janine Jordan* vote for me! Running for the business seat for district 4.
FEBRUARY 19, 2014
Let our voices be heard! Democratic and transparent. Google forms -hear I come
FEBRUARY 19, 2014
My first day on the street
Talking NoHo with people at Bob’s Coffee Shop, Vicious Dog owner, Kat the bike rider, et al.
Ultimately I have realized this: people have stuff to say (yay) + I should create a survey for the people. Let’s have the voice and opinions tracked and transparent. Public Google Form.
I have some work to do …
FEBRUARY 18, 2014
Tell me what you want NoHo
Let's make NoHo better. Start talkin! I'm listenin ;)
District 5 Business
Linda Kellogg Fulton
I am running for the Neighborhood Council because I want to continue to make a difference in my community. I am currently the secretary of NOhO Bid and have for last 7 years I was the owner of Avery Schreiber theater for 10 years. I 've had a nonprofit working with North Hollywood disadvantaged youth for the last 15 years, and am currently bringing up to 40 new jobs in the North Hollywood Arts District. I would like to continue working for my and help to make North Hollyood a better place for everyone in our community.

Cameron Cox
I have been on the council for 4 years. There are always new challanges every year and it is nice being a part of making solutions. I hope to continue helping this great area of NOHO. Thanks for your Vote.

District 2 Business

I am a firm believer in making Midtown North Hollywood the next great area of the San Fernando Valley. I have many great ideas in order to make North Hollywood a econmic thriving center for the arts, transportation and overall the environment. I believe it important to include All members of the community. IF re-elected I will continue to reach out and be the voice for our community to participate in the monthly neighborhood council meetings it does make difference! I thank you for your consideration.
Please vote

Community Interested

Carol A. Wyner
Raised in NOHO I have been passionately involved in community affairs and service for over 25years . Seving on the Booard of our local Midtown Neighborhood Council for the past 6years, including committees; Arts and Humaniuties, Budget and finance, BY-laws, and community Outreach. I have served the board of Hands4 Hope for 9years I am also an active Founding board member of HOpe of the Valley Rescue Mission. I also lead the NOHO Farmers Market PRoject to a successful oening 4yers ago. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Alfred Guy Aquino.
District five Resident
Paul Storie       


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