Sherman Oaks Murder

Jury trial begins January 8, 2014 for the murder of Brian Caufield on March 26, 2009 in Sherman Oaks CA.  Daryl Sconiers and Kenyon Aikens face Capitol Murder charges with prosecutor asking for Life Without Parole. After many years of these two being on the run and showing up on America's Most Wanted the two were captured in their home towns near Phoenix Arizona one year apart.  Join us in our mission to ensure justice for Brian as he was killed in cold blood and left to die.  I listened in on my cell phone while my son screamed for my help as I sat in my Texas home.  My son's last words screamed out were Mom-Mom-Mom, I heard 3 small noises that I now know as the shots that were fired and ended my sons life.  Follow our story as we strive for justice.


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