Tv show idea.

Ok I came out with a tv show idea that I thought of in my head that is called it takes time to know juan zurita.Its about me reaching my career of becoming a movie actor. The thing i want to learn is how to become a martial arts actor and do voice acting on video games also do dubstep dances an free running that my talent dream of becoming. I want to show people on my tv show,what did I learn,challage,who taught me these things and also what was the struggles I did t to become a better actor an smarter then I am. I know what people might say that being a actor i s not easy at it seems but I don't really care if its hard,I'll keep on going until I get it right like bruce lee said.I think its kinda worst to get a agent because they might scam you or if you don't have acting experience your fuck but to me it depends on which acting it is some of them are probably pretty sysmpol to learn. I think theater acting is harder then movie acting because movie acting you say sertant amount of words but theater you have to keep on going with out stoping,you get what I mean right.I never tooken acting lessons and I don't have acting experience either but if you want to learn its all about if you try that's all that matters,and if you don't try your not getting no where.I never even tooken martial arts but my favorite one is jeet kune do like bruce lee. Ok besides me learning acting and can I learn martial arts too.I'm just writting this because I want to become somebody,also getting tired of not doing hardly anything at home.I did gradaute school in 2013,been worring about this since late march of 2013 and I want 2014 the year everything change for me, I don't want to wait. I hope I'm making sense on what I'm writting about I'll come to the most detials that it makes sense what I'm talking about.I don't want lose faith in my dream,been depress and stress out about! I'm also writting this if theirs someone that cares to help me with my career and make this into a tv show.I want to start my career in los angeles but I don't know if theirs ways that I can get a free trip in LA so that I could start and maybe so if someone could come to my house to talk about how is going to work an stuff.also the problem is that,I'm not that smart but I'm learning little by little to know how to be a adult,I don't have a job and my car of my own.I could get a job but this is the only job I want to take.my family can't help me with this, I just don't know what to do and I'm getting tired of being junge what job I should take.also the job I want is at the big cities but I live in the country in the middle of no where at dublin texas kinda sucks but not really. I don't know what else to do or say,I just feel like I don't know like my dream will never come true that's how I feel what else could I do.I'm not a story writter!I'm just giving out ideas.I hope this will be in the newspaper so that I could get discovered or what. I'm just figuring out what else to say,I'm express how so that I don't feel left out and I feel pretty nervous of writting this too but I'm trying.I hope you guys understand how I feel and stuff.I don't want to write this for no reason,I'm writting this if someone cares to help me and I need a job too.well that's all I got for my tv show ideas now,until I figure out what more to say but I think its better talk to someone face to face better also not forcing nobody I just need help.I just hope you guys where interested in this and hope I made a pretty good sentence too. I don't want to give up but trust me I'll do my best until I get it right and also I'm pretty weird random person to I'm 19 years old too.I hope like the idea to! This is from Eduardo Juan ZURITA. That's it bye talk to you lata.


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