What Are The Most Important Things To Do To Make Clothes Last?

Everyone wants to look and feel their best, and often, clothes can make the difference.  To extend the life of your wardrobe, Flair Cleaners recommends the following to help care for your clothes:

  1. Follow clothing care instructions for all garments.
  2. Do not remove clothing care labels.
  3. Keep hair spray, perfume and lotions away from coming in contact with clothes as they can cause stains.
  4. Immediately blot – do not rub –  stains and have clothing dry cleaned as soon as possible, so stains don’t set permanently.
  5. Dry clean matching sets, such as suits and sweaters, at the same time to maintain color consistency.
  6. Repair small problems, such as a loose seam opening, a missing button or a sticky zipper, before they become big issues.
  7. Avoid crowding clothes in your closet to prevent wrinkles.
  8. Dry clean seasonal clothing before storing.
  9. Store seasonal clothes in an area with proper air ventilation, moisture control and light exposure.
  10. Recycle wire hangers and plastic bags at Flair’s recycling center.

For more information, to find a location near you, or to sign up for coupons via our newsletter, visit http://www.flaircleaners.com/ or find us on Facebook.


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