Where to Get That Perfect Guy a Gift on Valentine's Day

Size up your guy with the list below, and then find out where to go.

The words “” can send shockwaves through a man. It is one of the only times in the year when men are supposed to be romantic and show the women in their lives how much they care.

But, when it comes to finding the perfect present, men have it easy. and . Flowers and chocolate. Both V-Day staples are always appreciated and litter practically every street corner come V-Day, allowing even the laziest of men the opportunity to prevail on this day.

But, what about the ladies? What can women do to surprise their guys on the day devoted to spreading the love? That may depend on the type of guy. Is your man a foodie? Sports fanatic? Or maybe he really loves old gadgets.

The good news is that Studio City is home to some of the best specialty stores in the country, making it a great destination for women to find gifts for even the hardest to please men. Here are some great options for every type of man.

The Manly Man

He loves all things manly. He obsesses over his car and when it comes to sports, he never misses a big game. What he’ll love this Valentine’s Day are things that make him feel like man.

Head on over to and shop their excellent range of cigars, mostly under $10. While you are there you may want to pick up one of the hundreds of lighters on display in the cozy store, which range from $1 all of the way to $1,000. Shop owner Arthur Oganesyan says, “Men love our torch lighters.”

Good scotch is another great gift for the manly man. Right now has some great scotch brands on sale, including the single malt Glenrothes Select Reserve on sale now for $39.99, down from $54.99.

If your manly man is a sports nut, there is no better place to shop than, a home to new and old sports memorabilia. Owner Michael Ant says his signed Kobe Bryant items are top sellers – cards start around $200 and a framed jersey will cost you $1,300 – but he also has a great selection of Dodgers items, including a cancelled check from famed Dodger announcer Vin Scully for $320.

The Fashionista

On the other side of the male spectrum is The Fashionista. A man who like clothes almost as much as his female counterpart. For those guys only the best will do. That is why should be a one-stop shop destination. The shop sells a range of quality Italian men’s fashion, including shirts starting at $150 and even has some heart-shaped cufflinks (retailing at $45) on display.

Living in Studio City, hip sunglasses are a must-own accessory. features a range of retro-inspired glasses that scream James Dean cool and retail from $25  to $200.

The Foodie

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. What better way to win his heart than by feeding your man some braised short rib lasagna cupcakes from .

“Guys go insane for these,” said store associate Marina Liddle. “My brother drives all of the way from San Diego just for these cupcakes.”

With foodie-loving flavors like Wild Boar Bolognese and Pumpkin with Sage, Brown Butter and Smoked Mozzarella, what’s not to love? One cupcake is $7 or you can buy a tin that will feed up to four people for $27.

Liddle also suggested “man cheese” for a pre-dinner spread, recommending the Boschettlo al Tartufo, which “has a bittersweet meat flavor from the truffles” according to Liddle.

And what meal would be complete without dessert?  If you want to give your man some sugar, is the place to go. From cupcakes and brownies to cakes and cookies, Big Sugar has it all. Cakes come in five different sizes with six different flavors from the popular red velvet cake to the Dalmatian (white cake with chocolate chips) and start at $28.

The Old Soul             

Does your man sport vintage threads? Love antiques and anything old or unique? Shopping for The Old Soul can be a challenge, but Studio City is home to plenty of old souls who cherish antiques and vintage items from another era. For the audiophile has a plethora of vintage and restored record players. Though not inexpensive—the piece on display retailed for $355, a three-speed 1960s Elac Miracord 50H II – store owner Howard Bardach only selects the best for his customers. “I am very selective. I only take quality [audio equipment].” Bardach has been a Studio City legend in the audio repair and equipment business for more than 34 years.

If cameras and video equipment is more up your guy’s alley, head over to another long-time Studio City purveyor, Dru’e Washington, owner of, who has had bought and sold new and vintage camera and video equipment since 1985. Washington’s impressive selection of antique photo and movie cameras is more affordable than you may think. “I keep my prices down,” said Washington. A functioning 1950’s Brownie film camera retails for $119, and many of his pieces are around $50, and with artistry so beautiful, could serve as decoration alone.

The Frugal Type

Let’s face it, times are tough and if Valentine’s Day may break the bank for you or your guy (or both) you may want to consider alternative options.

Instead of buying anything you can take your beau for a scenic hike to .

If being outdoors is not your thing and you still want to express your love in an inventive (and affordable way) you may want to get crafty. has everything you need to construct the perfect Valentine’s Day card, but to make it simple you can always get the ’s Mini Valentine Card Kit ($17.95), which comes complete with cut-out hearts and cute embellishments.

Whatever item you choose, Studio City makes showing your love as easy a) pie! 

Barbara Krause February 12, 2013 at 03:10 PM
My valentine is treating me to a massage and a romantic dinner; both in local places. I am treating him to a play in NoHo--many choices around Studio City for things to do.


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