Alleged Intruder at Miley Cyrus's House Facing Possible Trespassing Charge

Jason Luis Rivera tells police he has been secretly married to the famous singer for years.

A man arrested with a pair of scissors outside Miley Cyrus' Studio City home was behind bars today and facing a possible trespassing charge.

Police declined to name the man, but TMZ.com said he was Jason Luis Rivera and had been in Southern California for about three months. He supposedly told police that he and Cyrus had been secretly married for years; he previously lived in Tennessee and Texas, according to broadcast reports.

Los Angeles police said someone called 911 about 4 a.m. Saturday, but it was not the 19-year-old singer, who was out of town.

Rivera apparently jumped a fence, knocked on a door and told whoever answered that he was a friend of Cyrus'. Lt. Brian Wendling of the North Hollywood Station said an employee of Cyrus' told the man to go away.

"They (the employees) started to walk away and heard a banging sound as though he was trying to break through the wall," Wendling said.     

KTLA reported that the man lighted some candles outside the home. Arriving officers found the man hiding in some bushes, police said. The New York Daily News reported that police used a Taser on the man. He has a criminal record in Texas, according to KTLA.


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