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Another Dog Death Tied to Mountain Lion in Sun Valley

(Photo Credit: CBS2).
(Photo Credit: CBS2).
A mountain lion snatched a family dog in Sun Valley early Tuesday morning and a neighboring family believes it's the same wild animal that killed their pet boxer earlier this month, CBS2 reports.

The Barsegyan family told CBS 2 that around 2 a.m. they heard their chihuahua wailing outside and saw it being carried away in the mouth of a lion. They leave near Glenoaks Boulevard and Hollywood Way.

Although the next door family, the Thomasians, didn't see the lion kill their pet boxer, they believe the wild animal was responsible for the disappearance of their family dog on Jan 4. The lion was also caught on the family's home surveillance 

Click here to read more about the story and for tips on how to keep mountain lions off your property.
Autumn January 20, 2014 at 07:50 PM
I feel for the dogs. 2 of them? Same owner? Not to be rude but what an idiot. ...owner should know better than to leave pets out at night especially after the first poor dog...even in the flat areas there are coyotes....hope adoption centers take note: these people are irresponsible.
Elaine Edler February 08, 2014 at 11:15 PM
Please, if you live in wildlife areas such as the Verdugo Mountains, be responsible and loving to your pets. Keep them inside at night. Not putting your animal friends in at night is inviting all kinds of wildlife predators to make a meal of your pet. So many of my neighbors in the Verdugo Mountains have learned this bloody lesson the hard way. And, lights do not stop hungry wildlife from jumping over or digging under fences to get into your yard to secure dinner-- your beloved pet. Be responsible and love your friend. Put them inside at night and during early morning hours.


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