Fundraiser Planned for Victims of Valley Village Crash

Councilman Paul Krekorian is making an announcement at 3 p.m. about how to help the families of two women killed on Aug. 22 while trying to save a life.

Los Angeles Councilman Paul Krekorian at 3 p.m. is announcing plans for a fundraiser to benefit the families of two women that were electrocuted on Aug. 22 while trying to aid a

Krekorian will be joined by fire and police officials as well as members of the Valley Village Neighborhood Council for a press conference at Magnolia Boulevard and Ben Avenue, the site of the crash.

Stacey Lee Schreiber, 39, of Valley Village, and Irma Zamora, 40, of Burbank, were electrocuted Aug. 22 when they rushed to help Arman Samsonian, 19, of Glendale, after his vehicle sheared a fire hydrant and toppled a light pole in the 12000 block of Magnolia Boulevard, creating a pool of electrified water into which they stepped.

City policy mandates that the victims' families must incur the cost of ambulance fees, but Krekorian said good Samaritans like Zamora and Schreiber should not face financial burden for their bravery.

"No one who puts themselves in harms way should have to struggle to pay the bills that accrue as a result of their altruism,” he said. “This community is tremendously appreciative of the efforts and sacrifices of these Angelenos who came to the assistance of a stranger, and I’m proud to join with them in showing our support with financial assistance.”

The department had considered waiving the fees for Schreiber and Zamora, but fire officials said the city's municipal code does not allow automatically exempting good Samaritans or the victims of violent crime.

The crash is being investigated as a reckless driving case. Charges have not been filed against Samsonian.

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