North Hollywood Strip Club Owner Joins Fight Against Human Trafficking

It might seem like an unusual partnership, but club owners and government officials are now working together to deal with an important issue.

Strip clubs and their owners throughout the Southland, including De Ja Vu in North Hollywood, are teaming up with law enforcement officials for a new effort to combat human trafficking, ABC7 reports.

"This is an unusual relationship, everybody who hears about it is kind of like, 'wait, wait, wait, can you say that one more time,'" Michael Ocello, a club owner and co-founder of Club Operators Against Sex Trafficking told the network.

They all recently met for a gathering with the Department of Homeland Security to learn more about human trafficking, which affects about 15,000 people every year.

Some signs to look out for include whether a strip club employee is always dropped off and picked up by the same man and signs of physical abuse.

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