Scanner Report: Multiple 'Shots Fired' Calls Around East Valley Before Midnight

Here are some of the incidents that were overheard on the police scanner.

Editor's Note: The purpose of the Police Scanner Report is to inform the public about some of the police and fire incidents that have occurred in the San Fernando Valley, but to also inform the public about the challenges the LAPD and LAFD encounter on a daily basis.

Today's scanner report takes place over a singe hour on the night of Saturday June 2, 2012.

11 p.m. 7900 block of Brimfield Ave., Panorama City

LAPD Mission Division receives a call of a “possible 187” in an apartment building. The dispatcher advises that the PR (person reporting) is inside the location and the door is open.

UPDATE: Two bodies were discovered in the apartment, according to City News Service. The men, ages 35 and 26, had suffered gunshot wounds and paramedics pronounced them dead at the scene. No suspects have been identified, and it is unknown if the shootings are gang-related, police said.


11:10 p.m. Tujunga Ave. and Vallerio Street, North Hollywood

An LAPD officer in the field radios into the dispatcher that a “Felony hit-and-run just occurred, suspect vehicle black four-door sedan with a white sticker, last seen westbound on Vallerio from Tujunga.” A few minutes later, the officer adds more details, saying the car is described as a “possible Honda Accord with a white sticker with large, white lettering.”


11:19 p.m. 13600 block of Vallerio Street, Van Nuys

Van Nuys units are told by the dispatcher about a possible shooting that just occurred and that “the PR heard six shots, yelling and a vehicle speeding away from the dead end.” Units are advised to respond “code 3” (with lights and sirens).

11:21 p.m. Another 911 call comes in from the 13600 block of Vallerio reporting shots fired near the dead end. The PR reports that the vehicle was last seen eastbound on Vallerio and is reported to be a dark four-door unknown make and model. (The report of the car travelling “eastbound” is likely false as the only way to travel from the dead end street is west.) Six or seven shots are reported.


11:21 p.m.  7300 block of Woodman Ave., Van Nuys

The dispather advises Van Nuys units that a “shooting just occurred” and that “The PR heard five shots fires, one of them hit his patio.” This address is a full block away from the dead-end area of Vallerio street where the two reports of shots fired have already been reported.


11: 23 p.m. 13600 block of Vallerio St., Van Nuys

Another 911 calls comes in reporting an “ADW” (assault with a deadly weapon) shooting on Vallerio. The call comes from the same address as a previous report, but this time “three to four” shots are reported. It’s unclear if this is the same set of shots as was previously reported by callers or a new set of shots.

11:31 p.m. A unit radios the location at Vallerio is “code 4” (no further assistance needed) and the suspect is “GOA” (gone on arrival). No victims of the gunshots are reported.


11:35 p.m.  6900 Kester Ave., Van Nuys

Van Units are alerted by the dispatcher of an ADW in progress on the 6900 block of Kester Avenue in the “rear of the building. Two versus one inside of a white sports utility vehicle.”

11:39 The dispatcher reports that the suspects are GOA at Kester and there is “no evidence of a fight.”


11:39 p.m. 10700 block of Magnolia Boulevard, North Hollywood

Units are advised of a report of a “screaming child.” An officer is responding to the location from from Oxnard and Laurel Canyon.

11:41 p.m. The responding officer reports that he is “code 6” (on scene) at the 10700 block of Magnolia.

11:48 p.m. The responding officer reports that the “screaming child” was only a child playing, and the situation is “code 4.”


11:51 p.m. 5158 Laurel Canyon Blvd, Valley Village

North Hollywood units are advised of “44 suspects” at the Arco station who just left. The suspects are described a “male white, 16-20 years old, 5’8” wearing blue jeans. Suspect #1 is wearing a long shirt, suspect number two is wearing a black shirt. The suspects stole beer.”


12:03 p.m. 14030 block of Shimshaw Ave., Sylmar

LAPD Mission units are advised of a report of “shots fired.” Two possible suspect vehicles are reported to last be seen “heading down the hill. The first vehicle is a gray sedan, possible late model Lexus. The second vehicle is a white BMW.


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