Trees and Branches Down in North Hollywood and Studio City Due to High Winds

Heavy gusts are expected to continue through Friday and a warning has been issued.

Heavy wind gusts are expected to continue through Friday, and already some reports have occurred of trees down in the area.

A tree fell across Radford Avenue and Kling Street in Valley Village completely cross Radford (heading into Studio City). Police arrived at the scene just before noon about an hour after the eucalyptus tree crashed to the ground.

Branches also covered the streets in the Colfax Meadows area of Studio City, but were cleared off the road quickly. Another large branch hit a car in the Studio City hills just above Ventura Boulevard and Tujuna Avenue. Police said no injuries were reported due to winds.

The National Weather Service issued a high wind warning of strong and potentially damaging winds.

A cold low-pressure system brought rain, snow, high winds and pounding surf much of Thursday, less than a 10th of an inch in coastal and valley areas, according to the National Weather Service.

Showers were expected to continue through Friday morning, but accumulation was expected to add up only to one or two inches. It will be hazardous driving.

At the same time, temperatures were dropping precipitously, with highs expected to be in the 40s and 50s along the coast and in the valleys and the 20s and 30s in the mountains, NWS forecasters said.

Saturday morning is expected to be particularly cold, with temperatures dropping into the 20s in valley areas, "resulting in a potentially damaging freeze event," according to an NWS.

—City New Service contributed to this report.


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