Two Men Injured in Drive-by Shooting in North Hollywood

Two victims turn up at two local hospitals believed to have both been shot at the same location.

Two men were reportedly injured in a drive-by shooting that occurred on on the 11600 block of Friar Street in North Hollywood Tuesday night. Both victims were transported by friends or relatives to two different local hospitals and police are still searching for the gunman.

According to Sgt. Wiliam Mann of the LAPD North Hollywood Division, witnesses at the scene said a vehicle drove up around 11:10 p.m. and targeted the two men, firing several rounds, striking one victim in the arm and the other in the thigh. The gunman's vehicle then fled in an unknown direction.

The gunshot victims, who had been standing in a driveway, ran for cover in the carport at the rear of the small apartment complex, Mann said, and there was a considerable amount of blood on the driveway in the back. No description of the gunman or vehicle is available, and it is unknown if there was more than one perpetrator. Both victims were immediately transported in two different cars to two different hospitals, Panorama City Medical Center and St. Joseph's Medical Center in Burbank.

According to information heard over the police scanner, an LAPD unit arrived on the scene less than two minutes after the original dispatch call went out. The victim's parents, one of whom also called 911, were reported to have told officers their 18-year-old son, a Latino, had been shot in the arm and taken away in a burgundy Suburban.

According to Mann, the shooting is possibly gang-related.

Patch will be updating this story as more information is available.

margie riendeau June 28, 2011 at 03:05 PM
I have lived a few blocks from this area since 1974. This block of Friar St. has had a history of gang related shooting and problems. In the 30 + years I have lived in this area, I always hear gun shots coming from that area. I think the property owners of these apartments should do their part in preventing the congregation of trouble makers by installing surveillance cameras and adequate lighting as a deterant to thugs. I am sure the tenants would feel safer and stay longer in their apartments in a secure environment.


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