24 Locals Run for Mid-Town North Hollywood Neighborhood Council

There are 23 seats up for contention.

A total of 24 people are vying for seats on the Mid-Town North Hollywood Neighborhood Council.

The election is on Sept. 20 at the North Hollywood Police Station, 11604 Burbank Blvd., from 4-8 p.m.

Only stakeholders who are at least 18 years old and "live, work, own property or declare a stake in the neighborhood and affirm the factual basis for it" are allowed to vote.

Here is the complete list of candidates along with their statements that are posted on Empower LA's website. Some candidates did not upload a statement or a photo.

District 1 Representative--1 Seat, 2 Years


I have lived and worked in North Hollywood Ca for the past 17 years.  I have worked as an Artist for 17 years and a Realtor for 10 years.  As a current member of the Midtown North Hollywood Council and Chair for the Planning Land Use Housing and Transportation Committee, I have been given an opportunity to give back to the community.  I love most of the new projects that are being implemented in the NOHO Arts District and as a member of the Neighborhood Council I am in position to view future projects and make recommendations based on what the stakeholders wish and/or need for the future of this area. I represent district one.

District 2 Representative--1 Seat, 2 Years


The opportunity to serve the District 2 residents and business owners once again is a privilege I take seriously and I will do my best to do so with civility and decency. As a Board member and property owner, fiscal responsibility is number one concern of mine and I promise to continue to be diligent in this regard. I was privileged to be the chair of the Beautification Committee and met many of you who volunteered on various neighborhood projects and I hope I can count on your vote.

District 3 Representative--1 Seat, 2 Years


District 4 Representative--1 Seat, 2 Years


I am the current District 4 Resident Representative on the MTNHNC Board. I am also on the MTNHNC Land Planning, Beautification, and Outreach Committees. As an active member on these committees I have been involved on a variety of projects. They range from organizer as well as windowasher for an event to wash the windows of the North Hollywood Library because of lack of funds to pay for a washing service, to assisting a neighborhood in correcting a zoning mistake the City Planning Department made. Also on every Saturday I setup and man the MTNHNC outreach booth at the NoHo Farmers Market.

This coming term l intend to focus attention of not only the City but County, State and Federal Government resources and funding towards North Hollywood district. The intent is to develop programs, legislation and business opportunities which benefit North Hollywood.


North Hollywood is a vibrant and diverse community. It’s people deserve a dedicated representative willing to give everyone a voice in their local government. I’ve lived in or near the San Fernando Valley my entire life and have been a resident stakeholder in NoHo for nearly 20 years. For the past two years, I have served on both the Public Safety and Beautification Committees, and currently serve as Parliamentarian on the Mid-Town North Hollywood Neighborhood Council. If elected, I pledge to work with the other council members to improve the lives of all those who live and work in North Hollywood. Together, we can continue to make NoHo a safe and productive place.

District 5 Representative--1 Seat, 2 Years


As a life-long resident of the San Fernando Valley, I appreciate the opportunity to participate in the Midtown NoHo Neighborhood Council. As an educator, business owner and grassroots activist, my areas of interests span over a wide array of community issues that this appointment will allow me to get more closely acquainted and engaged with. I appreciate you taking the time to explore the candidates more deeply, and more importantly taking the time to vote in our Neighborhood Council Elections. Thank you for your consideration.


I have lived in North Hollywood since 1982 hailing from Queens New York, to pursue my Acting Career. In SAG-AFTRA appeared in over 20 films and TV since. Active in the community I have participated for 17 yrs. in the “NoHo Theatre & Arts Festival”, 8 yrs.with the Children’s Art Festival in N.H.Park; received 2 Certificates of Appreciation from Council members Tom LaBonge and Wendy Gruel for “outstanding citizenship and activities enhancing community betterment”. Served as Vice Pres. and Board members of Women in Theatre, Synthaxis Theatre Co.,& Operation Love. Creator/Director of the Vision Acting Workshop at the East Valley YMCA; work pt-time as a Sub-Teacher in Pre-schools for LAUSD. Teach Play-writing/acting to Hands For Hope-after school program. I have lots of experience and ideas to bring as a Board member. Thank you for your vote!

District 1 Business Representative--1 Seat, 2 Years


I reside and work in North Hollywood and have done so from this address for 17 years.  I have worked as an Artist since 1984 and have been a realtor since 2001.  I am currently a board member of the Midtown Neighborhood Council representing Business in District One.  I also am the Co-Chair for the Planning Land Use Housing and Transportation Committee.  This District is very aware of the image as an Arts District (NOHO) and our support is conscious of those specific goals that enhance this image per our stakeholders.  We are working with the community on several projects that will invite more businesses to participate in our neighborhood.  We also screen new businesses to participate in our neighborhood.  We also screen new businesses as they apply and if necessary assist them in meeting with our goals. (District One).

District 2 Business Representative--1 Seat, 2 Years


District 3 Business Representative--1 Seat 2 Years


District 4 Business Representative--1 Seat, 2 Years


I am a resident and operate a home based advertising agency business. I am a lifetime resident of North Hollywood with 2 years experience with neighborhood council. I have a vested interest and concern for the well being and on-going improvement of Mid-Town North Hollywood District 4.


As a Pastor in this community I am very connected to what is happening in the neighborhood around the church. I have served on chief Bratton’s clergy council in the past. I currently hold an MDiv and an MA in Pastoral Care and Counseling and a certificate in spiritual direction. This training gives me the particular skills to listen and care for the neighborhood I serve.

District 5 Business Representative--1 Seat, 2 Years


“I believe in every community there is work to be done, and in every heart there is the power to do it.”

I am a university teacher, professional musician, wife, homeowner, and businesswoman in North Hollywood. I’ve held leadership positions throughout my 20 year career, including serving on numerous boards and am passionate about improving NOHO’s thriving art and business district. My husband and I own a recording studio where we write and produce songs for television, film and Off-Broadway theatre, and develop young artists in LA. I am the author of “Making Your Mark in Music” (Hal Leonard 2011) and “Woven Voices”(Scapegoat Press 2012). My platform includes insuring safety, beautifying neglected areas, promoting the arts, supporting and increasing dining and business enterprises and family events to keep NOHO alive and prominent.

I am passionate, dedicated, and have the vision and acumen to improve life and community in NOHO.


No statement provided.

District 1 At-large representative--1 Seat, 2 Years


I Grew up in North Hollywood High School, completed a B.A. degree at CSULA and a Masters in Public Administration at CSUN. I am president of the Laurel Grove Neighborhood Association. I helped form the Mid Town North Hollywood NC and am past President and current Treasurer of Mid Town North Hollywood NC. Over the past 16 years I have held a number of neighborhood community events in North Hollywood, organized the planting of over 1,000 trees in North Hollywood, and obtained a number of Beautification Grants for the North Hollywood area. I am committed to improving North Hollywood and making it a beautiful neighborhood we can all be proud of.

District 2 At-large Representative--1 Seat, 2 Years


Politics is an art form. It is my duty as a member of the Midtown North Hollywood Neighborhood Council to represent my constituents, not me. Being on the Council is a responsibility I embrace with my heart and soul. I want to serve not only the people in my district, but the entire city. As a member of the Arts and Humanities Committee, I have been a part of three Christmas shows, and hosted and co-organized the First Annual San Fernando Valley Poetry Festival sponsored by the MTNHNC. As a theatre critic for the online magazine Patch.com in NoHo and Toluca Lake I have reviewed over 40 plans. I have also hosted and co-organized the Unbuckled: NoHo Poetry Reading for two years. In the end, politics is not a corrupt joke. If done honestly, it can change the world for the better. What perfect geometry!

District 3 At-large Representative--1 Seat, 2 Years


District 4 At-large Representative--1 Seat, 2 Years


Living in the Valley 40 years (a North Hollywood homeowner for over a decade) I’ve served on the MTNHNC since 2008.
Community ties include a weekly sports column and contributing writing for two valley publications.
My church is inside our district.
I am proud of my association with the Valley International Film Festival, Inc. a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation. Active from its inception, I held the position of President of the BOD in our final season.
Employed by the same organization for thirteen years, I moved through management level and was honored to be named Executive Director.
The 45-year old business was struggling before I took charge.
I orchestrated resumption of F&B operations, going from a $3,000,000 to a $10,000,000 a-year business.
In the balance of my tenure I increased restaurant revenue by 26% and brought customer satisfaction up to a level never before attained.

District 5 At-large Representative--1 Seat, 2 Years


I qualify for resident, business, and at-large positions. Current MTNHNC district 5 at-large board member since Oct 2011. Passed LA City ethics requirement course. Member of Safety and Beautification committees. LADWP representative for MTNHNC. Currently retired from work in the Quality Assurance field.

Community Organization/Non-Profit Organization Representatives--4 Seats, 2 Years


I have been on the council now for two years and have loved all of the community involvement thus far. I joined the “Arts and Humanities” sub-committee and have worked on the “Holiday Party” for needy children, as well as too many other worthy NoHo events to list. I am trying to also organize an annual street party for artists and residents to celibrate together…and we are almost there. I hope to continue working for everyone for at least one more term. Thanks for your vote


I have lived in the great city of North Hollywood for 14 years with my children, now 18 and 19 years old. I’ve worked with youth in my community by organizing local donation drives, collecting clothes, books and school supplies for children in need. I’ve also worked with several local non-profit organizations like the North Hollywood Farmer’s Market to feed the homeless and foster an environment for youth participation for special projects.

I have 12 years of experience in project management and corporate administration, 5 years experience in event planning, creative design and social media marketing. Over the last 2 years, one of my passions has been promoting innovative and cost-effective housing solutions using eco-friendly materials.

My experiences have forged a sense of integrity and excellence in everything I do. Now, with my kids in college, I have the time to dedicate to the city I call home– North Hollywood.


I moved to the United States eight years ago, and since then I’ve bounced from place to place in the Valley, never landing in the right spot. However, since I moved to North Hollywood two years ago, I’ve felt that I’ve found a home in this diverse and vibrant community. I hope to use my experience as a former special-education teacher in the Valley and my current work at an educational advocacy group to promote public education, community activism and youth engagement. Our previous council’s done great work, and I’d like to help expand on and move their work forward by bringing a fresh voice, passion for our community, and a unique set of experiences to the group. Thank you for your consideration.


I am a charter member of the Board of Directors of the Mid-Town North Hollywood Neighborhood Council and a former Vice-President of that Neighborhood Council.

I am a liason between the North Hollywood Chamber of Commence and the Neighborhood Council.

I am a member of the Neighborhood Council’s Beautification committee, and neighborhood beautification has been the primary focus of my Council activities.  I was responsible for the creation and installation of the “NORTH HOLLYWOOD VALLEY OF THE STARS” MERIDIAN MARKERS ON Vineland Avenue and on Tujunga Avenue.

Through membership on the Neighborhood Council Board, I want to continue my efforts to improve the appearance of our community.


Rev. Mary Anneeta Mann, Ph.D.  I was born in Australia coming to North Hollywood in 1973.  Interested in theater, I edited the Los Angeles Theater Book in 1978 and in 1984.  For the Synthaxis Theater Company I wrote Maria and the Comet, The Round Table and ThuGun and Natasha, and adapted and toured Shakespeare’s Tempest, all for youth audiences when Synthaxis was in residence at the Lankershim Arts Center together with the Road Theatre Company, the Martin Dancers and The Printmaking Society.  Synthaxis has now teamed up with co-host of this reading together with Radomir Luza, both being current members of the MTNHNC.  My website is www.maryanneetamann.com.  My latest book is There Are No Enemies.  I am running for the seat for Community Organizations and I hope to continue the work we are doing to expand the outreach of the Arts in No-Ho.

Arts Organization Representative--1 Seat, 2 Years


Building On A Dream… purpose, vision and possibilities.

I believe one of us can make a difference. I have been devoted to my community for over 20 years, and was instrumental in defining the NoHo Arts District. The Chandler Out Door Gallery was conceived to fight blight and gangs and crime in our area, I am proud to say that was my project. The Whitnall Hwy Dog Park was born from a need to serve this community, 2 different areas come to be because my voice was heard. As a board member I created the Arts and Humanities Committee, our Annual Holiday Event was born from this committee, this will be its 9th year. It is collaboration with NoHo Park, NoHo P.D. and various other supporters that make this event a success, the event has been the corner stone for this neighborhood council. We have provided thousands of toys, food, entertainment and an arts venue for hundreds of families. Because of this event a beautiful tile mural was recently installed at NoHo Park that was created by children attending the Holiday Event. I am committed to making our community the best that it deserves to be.

If you are willing… we can do it together.

General At-large Representative--1 Seat, 2 Years


As a public school history teacher, I teach my students that they haven’t truly learned something until they put it to use to make our community a better place. I’d like to live that lesson by becoming a member our neighborhood council. With so many people moving into our district and so many more passing through it on their way to work, learn or play, we have a unique opportunity to showcase our neighborhood’s creativity, entrepreneurship, and beauty. I hope to continue our current council’s work to partner with local organizations to promote:
• public safety,
• healthy living,
• local businesses
• youth involvement
• and community activism.
We can capitalize on our community’s many talents if we elect a neighborhood council of passionate, committed individuals with a diverse set of experiences and ideas.


Raised, living and working in NORTH HOLLYWOOD  most of my life, I have been involved in Community affairs and service for over 25 years.  Elected to the N C Board, I hold the seat of Community organization/non-profit.  I have volunteers in several programs involving under-served youth.  On the Founding Board of HOPE OF THE VALLEY RESCUE MISSION, getting hundreds of homeless out of our local parks, opening shelters and now feeding and providing for over 900 weekly, and growing.  Lead the NOHO FARMERS MARKET PROJECT to a successful opening, ETC. If re-elected, I wish to remain and continue Community work.

Religious Institution Representative--1 Seat, 2 Years


I have been a part of the North Hollywood community for the past 24 years and have served on the Mid-Town North Hollywood Neighborhood Council (MTNHNC) for almost 5 years. I am aware of the needs of our community.

As the incumbent for the religious institution seat, I can bring my experiences with the faith communities of MTNHNC area to the table. I have worked to keep the houses of worship informed and represented to the community.

I have been a member of the clergy for over 30 years. For the last 20 years I have been the pastor of Christ Chapel of the Valley, of which I am the founding pastor. Our church is proud to be located near the heart of the NoHo Arts District.

I would count it an honor to be re-elected to the religious institution seat on the Mid-Town North Hollywood Neighborhood Council.

School Representative-1 Seat, 2 Years


Joseph Shore-Goss September 19, 2012 at 05:03 PM
These are a wonderful group of people I look forward to serving the North Hollywood community and working with the neighborhood council.


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