25 Locals Run for Greater Valley Glen Neighborhood Council

There are 24 seats up for contention.

A total of 25 people are vying for a seat on the Greater Valley Glen Neighborhood Council.

The election is on Sept. 20 and is taking place at the Erwin Street School Auditorium, 13400 Erwin Street, Valley Glen, CA 91401, from 4-8 p.m.

There are 24 seats up for grabs.

Stakeholders 16 years or older can vote. A stakeholder is defined as someone who is an "owner/employee of retail, wholesale, industrial or service business within the community grid area on commercially zoned property."

Here is the complete list of candidates along with their statements that are posted on Empower LA's website. Some candidates did not upload a statement or a photo.

At-large Community Stakeholder--2 seats, 2 years


I am a life-long resident of the Valley, I grew up in the neighborhoods, the classrooms and the parks of this very special place. 13 years ago I became a parent and soon after a homeowner in Valley Glenn. I’m raising a family here and want to become more involved in maintaining and enhancing my local community by serving on my local neighborhood council.


I have lived in this area sence 1947 and have lived at this address sence Valley Glen was established. I have a good understanding of the residents and businesses in the area and will work hard to help improve the quality of life for Valley Glen.


No statement provided.

Homeowner Representative, District 1--1 seat, 2 years


I have served several terms on the Board an I am looking forward to continue to serve my community.

Homeowner Representative, District 2--1 seat, 2 years


Ever since I can remember, I have had a fascination with neighborhoods. Why do some thrive while others wither? Since moving to Los Angeles in 1997, I have lived in several distinct neighborhoods (South LA, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks and Hollywood).After spending several months looking at 60 properties, I purchased a house in Valley Glen in December 2011. I knew right away that this neighborhood was where I wanted to live.

Since that time I have seen civic improvements such as the Tujunga wash restoration and the Fulton-Vanowen park, that when completed, will add to the charm of our community. I have also seen things that could use improvement such as incomplete sidewalks and crumbling roads on Fulton.

I want to help this community thrive and become one of the best neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley.

Homeowner Representative, District 3--1 seat, 2 years


My husband and I purchased our home in North Hollywood, now Valley Glen in the year 1976. Soon after that we started our family. Our son and daughter attending St Jane Frances Catholic School and Bishop Alemany High School in Mission Hills. We owned our home and been in this area for over 35 years. One of the many things that attracted us to this area was the neighborhood, close to all the amenities a small neighborhood can offer to a new family, schools, churches, stores just to name a few. I have happily been involved as a Grip Rep for the Valley Glen Neigborhood Association since this part of North Hollywood become Valley Glen. I have attached GVCC meetings and hosted Neighborhood Watch Meetings and participated in different fund raisings for our community.
We consider ourselves a truly Valley Glen family. It would be my honor to represent Area 3 in the Greater Valley Glen City Council and help voice and resolve the different issues affecting our community together with other members of GVCC.

Homeowner Representative, District 4--1 seat, 2 years


Hello, I’m Mark Gordon and I’ve lived in Valley Glen (ex-Van Nuys) since 1974. I’m the Astronomy Guy — those who know me know I hold neighborhood Astronomy Nights, and we also had special days for the Annular Solar Eclipse May 20, and the Venus Transit June 5. I enjoy astronomy and I’m also involved with outreach programs at 9 elementary schools in the Valley. I love Valley Glen and want to bring our concerns to the city on behalf of my fellow neighbors.


I have lived in the district 4 for about 6 years and grew up in the local district areas. I am concerned with the changes of the area, our town, and where this city is headed. I am also a businesswomen in the local real estate business so have knowledge and advantage in what is happening in our neighborhood/district most residents do not know about or understand. Most of all and formost, I am a 44 year old mother of 2 young children and besides being a Neighborhood Watch Co-ordinator appointed by the Van Nuys Police Department, I care about where our neighborhoods are headed and how to preserve safety for children, elderly, and good citizens deserving of a safe productive enviorment.


I have owned and lived in my home since April 1991.

I am a Life Member of the American Guild of Musical Artists, and served on that Board of Governors for 18 years.

I would like to see fair, and accurate representation for my neighborhood.

Homeowner Representative, District 5--1 seat, 2 years


I declare this a true statement of my intentions to be a candidate for a seat on The Greater Valley Glen Counsul. I would like to contribute my ideas, thoughts and my vote for the good of Valley Glen.
I would like to be a part of the important discision making for the future success of Valley Glen.


My wife and I moved to Valley Glen in 2005, and ever since we’ve thoroughly enjoyed being homeowners here. Recently, our first child Vincent was born; therefore, I have an even larger stake in assuring Valley Glen’s continued success. My goal is for Valley Glen, when mentioned in conversations, to represent a forward-thinking, positive and sought-after SFV community. We’re on the right track; I want to continue the positive momentum generated from our current and previous councils. Going forward, we need someone who will listen to your concerns and needs, formulate an optimal action plan, then be diligent and tenacious to get things accomplished. Yes, we live in a time of shrinking budgets; it’s even more important to elect someone who will fight for Valley Glen and get LA’s attention–attention Valley Glen residents deserve.
I hope you will honor me with your vote for GVGC Homeowner Representative– District 5.

Homeowner Representative, District 6--1 seat, 2 years


Want to help improve our area.


As a 21 year homeowner in the area I am committed to improving our community and keeping it safe. I have been a member of the Greater Valley Glen district and the Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils since the beginning. As a CPA and Realtor I am also a long term Chamber of Commerce member.

Resident Occupant Representative, District 1--1 Seat, 2 years


Resident Occupant Representative, District 2--1 Seat, 2 Years


My wife and I moved to The Greater Valley Glen area 4 years ago. I am a local, born and raised in the San Fernando Valley, and have lived here my entire life. I have always felt a necessity & a strong desire to maintain and improve the safety in the areas where needed.

If elected Resident Occupant Representative for District 2 I will:

(1)be an aggressive champion and an enthusiastic supporter of our neighborhood, with a strong voice to maintain and better our quality of life.
(2)become a member of the Parks and Community Improvement Committee to complete unfinished areas.
(3)be a leader & a voice for GVGC residents to preserve essential qualities and ideals of our community.

It will be my honor to be your GVGC Representative, and I hope to be given the opportunity to serve you and the community.

Resident Occupant Representative, District 3--1 Seat, 2 Years


My husband and I purchased our home in 1978 as newlyweds and have lived in our amazing multi-cultural / multi-generational neighborhood for 34 years.

I am currently your elected GVGC Homeowner Representative and a member of the Parks and Community Improvement Committee. I am also active in my Neighborhood Watch Program. If elected Resident Occupant Representative for District 3, I will continue to

1. assist stakeholders in becoming involved, having their voices heard and meeting various needs for the benefit of all in the neighborhood
2. preserve essential qualities and values of our neighborhood, striking a balance between important environmental concerns, residential needs, and reasonable development
3. be an energetic advocate, an enthusiastic supporter of our neighborhood and a strong voice to enhance our quality of life

It has been my honor to be your GVGC Representative, and I hope to be given the opportunity to continue to serve.

Resident Occupant Representative, District 4--1 Seat, 2 Years


I respectfully ask for your vote for the 4th district of our Valley Glen Council. I am a proud homeowner and resident of Valley Glen, and love my neighborhood. I hope to be able to leverage off of my many years of experience in business, as a management consultant, CPA, and marketer to add value to our council. If you elect me, I will work very hard to listen to your needs, consider all options, and make the best decisions to improve our neighborhood. I want to be active in our community, to ensure that everyone has a voice and we continue to build a wonderful neighborhood and diverse and inclusive community. Thank you for your consideration.

Resident Occupant Representative, District 5--1 Seat, 2 Years


Serving on the Valley Glen Neighborhood Council, and as Co-Chair of the Parks and Community Improvement Committee has been an extremely rewarding and very gratifying experience. I moved to Valley Glen in 2004 and wanted to become more involved in my community. I am an architect in private practice, specializing in residential additions and new homes, so improving the built environment is very important to me. At the same time, I believe we must carefully enhance and protect our green spaces and parks. Our Parks Committee successfully obtained almost $1 million dollars in grant money that will be used to add more trees, picnic tables, a playground area, and a walking track. I also currently serve on the Planning and Land Use Committee. Valley Glen is a wonderful neighborhood and I hope to continue to be able to serve my community.


Nothing is more important than family. My family includes my wife and two sons; however, a community is also a family – a family of people from many different backgrounds who become neighbors while sharing common goals of living in peace, and prosperity.Therefore, I want to be an advocate for the people of this community – my extended family, by providing you the services you require and deserve in order to achieve these goals.

Resident Occupant Representative, District 6--1 Seat, 2 Years


No statement provided.

Merchant/Business Representatives--4 Seats, 2 years


There will be many new challenges in the years ahead and I herein dedicate myself to represent to the best of my ability, the needs, wants, and desires of the members who live and work in this great community. My business and people skills provide for a unique mix which better enables me to represents all factions of those within Valley Gen. My prior years as a board member with the Greater Valley Glen Council have shown my willingness to provide both energy and skill in the various duties and responsibilities. I look to have the opportunity to meet and get to know you as I apply as a delegate to represent you, the homeowner, renter, and business. I will work together with you to make Valley Glen a valued part of the San Fernando Valley and welcome your support, ideas, and suggestions.


I have served as the GVGC President for the past 4 years and Vice President for the 3 years prior. In the last 4 years I have spearheaded the successful effort to get over 1.5 million dollars in improvements to our Valley Glen parks which have been neglected for too many years. In addition, we started the GVGC Valley Glen Firefighter’s Pancake Breakfast & Community Safety Fair which has blossomed into the largest community event in Valley Glen; we started the Annual Valley Glen Neighborhood Watch Summit and dispersed over 200 Neighborhood Watch Signs; constructed 2 Valley Glen monument signs; and provided support for all of our first responders’ and shepherded zoning and building issues affecting Greater Valley Glen. I wish to continue serving our Valley Glen Community with your support. Thank you for the opportunity. Let’s keep building our wonderful community.


I have served on the Council for the last two years. I have served on the Park & Government Relations committees and would like to see the Valley Glen Park completed in this next term.

Commercial/Property Owners Representatives--2 Seats, 2 Years


I have lived in the Greater Valley Glen area for my entire life and have seen it change over time. I would like to contribute to my community and be an active participant in both improving the neighborhood and being a conduit to my neighbors by providing to them updates about the events in our community.

Schools At-large--1 Seat (This seat is elected by a caucus vote).


Religious Institutions At-large-1 Seat (This seat is elected by a caucus vote).


I have lived in the Greater Valley Glen area for 46 years, attending its elementary, junior high and high schools. As a youth, I was involved in many community activities and remain involved in community activities as an adult. I am married and my wife, and our three children, are active in civic and charitable endeavors and really value our connection to the community.I have been a board member of the Greater Valley Glen Neighborhood Council since 2007 and have seen firsthand how the neighborhood council system both gives a voice to our community members and a forum in which they can learn of local events affecting their lives.

I hope to continue on in doing the council’s good work.

Communiy Organizations At-large Seat: 2 Seats (This seat is elected by a caucus).


As a founding member and former President of the Greater Valley Glen Council, current Treasurer of the Council and President of the Valley Glen Neighborhood Association, a Valley Glen based business owner and a resident of Valley Glen for over 25 years, I have the proven leadership and committment to making Valley Glen the best community in the Valley. I will continue to work to prove I am the best choice to have your voice heard in the Greater Valley Glen Council.

Nowhere85grad September 10, 2012 at 10:55 PM
We need term limits on the "neighborhood" councils. Too many of these candidates are/remain tokens of the Valley Glen Neighborhood Association which makes sure that its areas of the council's boundaries are well taken care of while those not in Valley Glen get scraps.
I look very forward to the Region #4 elections this Thursday. I encourage all residents Of Valley Glen to attend the voting area in the Erwin Street Elementry School off of Woodman Ave. From 4-8pm. Please look at the candidates. I will be honored to implement changes for you in the next few years but you have to inform me and VOTE! Make it happen and please vote for me and I will fight for you and our neighborhoods...Jessica Russell (310) 288-0482
Nowhere85grad September 20, 2012 at 10:28 PM
Great. A person with a 310 area code "representing" Valley Glen?
Election results of the Region #4. .Stakeholders have been elected to the new GVGC Board which will be installed on Monday, October 15, 2011 at 7 pm at Erwin Street School Auditorium. 2 - Gr. Valley Glen, At-Large Community Stakeholder Representatives: Jorgenson, Larry and Guttler, Frank 1 - Gr. Valley Glen, Commercial Property Owner Representatives: Friedman, Rachel 1 - Gr. Valley Glen, Community Organizations - At-Large Seats: Ferreyra, Carlos 1 - , Homeowner Representative District 1: Breidenbach, Douglas 1 - Gr. Valley Glen, Homeowner Representative Distric Homeowner Representative District 4: Russell, Jessica 1 - Gr. Valley Glen, Homeowner Representative District 5: Myrick, Sloan 1 - Gr. Valley Glen, Homeowner Representative District 6: Viereck, Victor 3 - Gr. Valley Glen,Merchant/Business Representatives: Fishman, William and Anderson, Terry and Klaparda, Karen 1 - Gr. Valley Glen, Religious Institutions – At Large Seat: Friedman, Stanley 1 - Gr. Valley Glen, Resident Occupant Representative District 2: Brook, Shay 1 - Gr. Valley Glen, Resident Occupant Representative District 3: Schwartz, Kathleen 1 - Gr. Valley Glen, Resident Occupant Representative District 4: Samson, Lisa 1 - Gr. Valley Glen-Resident Occupant Representative District 5: Samson, Charles 1 - Gr. Valley Glen, Resident Occupant Representative District 6: Thomas, Bruce
Kathleen February 15, 2013 at 06:59 PM
There are term limits. Read the bylaws.


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