Ask Paul: Parking Along Moorpark, Illegal Dumping and More

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Thanks for your continued questions -- we’re working hard to get to as many as we can as quickly as we can in the space we're allotted. I appreciate your continued active engagement in the issues that affect our great city! 

Dear Paul, I have a couple questions: on Moorpark St, between Radford and Colfax - a multi unit residential area - what are the parking/zoning regulations? It seems commercial vehicles are parked for days making it is very difficult for residents and their friends or medical staff to access their units. 

Secondly, I admire the job the trash pick up in LA does but I am curious about the number of abandoned Christmas trees, grocery carts, piles of bagged garbage, furniture seen on all our streets. Is there anyway to put that burden on the property owners who seem to ignore the accumulating trash? --Jack Sammons

Dear Jack, 

As to your first question, there are various restrictions in place for Moorpark Street, between Radford and Colfax avenues. Parking along the north side of Moorpark Street along this stretch (and beyond) is prohibited at all times. There are no posted parking restrictions along the southern side of Moorpark Street, except for a few small pockets near driveways where parking is prohibited at all times. 

However, per the city’s municipal code, where there are no other parking sign restrictions, vehicles are not allowed to park for more than 72 hours in one spot. After 72 hours, vehicles are liable to be cited or towed. My office has also communicated with LAPD’s Parking Enforcement Division, asking them to prioritize this area and patrol it more frequently. That said, you are welcome to report complaints by calling our office at (818) 755-7676 or the city’s phone number set up specifically for this purpose at 1-800-ABANDON.

Regarding your second question, I certainly understand and share your annoyance at illegal dumping, especially when certain areas seem to be magnets for loads of furniture, tires, mattresses and other junk in the public right of way.

My office has worked hard to tackle this issue in a multifaceted way.  First, we have helped spread the word that city crews will pick up bulky items for free; these pick-ups can be scheduled simply by calling 3-1-1.  Properly scheduled pick-ups ensure that items are not left out on the sidewalk for weeks at a time.

Second, I have allocated $250,000 in discretionary funds to the Bureau of Street Services for special weekend work to be done exclusively in the Second Council District.  Among other items, these funds have paid for weekly sweeps since October by a bulky item crew from the city.  Last weekend, this crew picked up dozens of Christmas trees that had been carelessly tossed to the curb, cleaning up an unsightly mess and a fire hazard.  

Third, for corners or lots that have seen repeated dumping, we have worked with the Office of Community Beautification to set up automatic cameras to discourage and deter potential dumpers.  It is often difficult to catch illegal dumping in the act, but I will continue to make cleaning up our city streets a top priority.  Finally, my office has worked with neighborhood councils throughout the district to create our "CLEAN Teams" (CLEAN stands for Community Leaders Empowered to Assist Neighborhoods), which are composed of community volunteers who receive training on the laws related to illegal dumping and other quality of life issues, and then work closely with City officials to target and remedy the specific problems in their own neighborhoods.

Of course, whenever you encounter problems like these, feel free to contact my office directly at 818-755-7676, or take advantage of our useful iPhone orAndroid app.

Thanks so much!

Skraeling June 16, 2012 at 06:23 PM
Once again, commercial vehicles are parking on Moorpark in a designated res. area for exactly 72 hours, then moved one foot, for another 72 hours, and on and on. I see no parking enforcement and tire of reporting it. Residents and their friends, medical staff, etc. cannot find parking. Studio Village residents have their own limited parking and it is stricly reinforced. Why cannot the city do the same? One of the vehicles is from David Medical transport, no doubt funded by public funds like Medicare but how can it be when the very vehicle that is used to transport people rarely moves? Something doesn't smell right, here....
Skraeling June 23, 2012 at 07:22 PM
One week later, and that "medical transport service" van has not been driven, but movbd 2 feet.....How can a business, relying upon Medicare pmts survive when it makes no transports? Very odd...
Skraeling August 03, 2012 at 06:30 PM
Well, Paul, here we are, TWO MONTHS later and the "medical transport van" has moved a few feet forward and a few feet backward, and thus depriving residents, IN A RESIDENTIAL ZONE, parking for themselves, their friends, their service providers, and health care services. Now, the large signs mocking you are parked on the North Side of Moorpark and even as I loathe them, I am beginning to think they might be right. You seem very ineffectual in all this...
Lightnapper August 03, 2012 at 07:04 PM
@Jack. Now you're getting it. It's how our city government works-- taxation with over representation and complete inefficiency. You should see the pile of trash on Strathern east of Bellaire. It has a life of its own-- growing daily. It started with a low trash container filled with concrete and dirt. That stayed there for well over 4 weeks as other people filled it six feet higher than allowed with other debris, debris not suited for the container. Eventually, whoever rented/owned it claimed it moving it elsewhere, although they felt compelled to dump the 6'x8'x25' mound of accumulated trash on the street and sidewalk for resident's enjoyment. Interesting how a construction container can sit on a busy street, in the bike lane, without a permit for 4 weeks accumulating trash and nothing occurs. It's not even noticed. Well, at least by anyone who can move it? Parking enforcement parks under the freeway overpass for hours, or just down from the pocket park-- both areas within sight. Completing important paperwork I guess. Street Services must never pass that way. And volunteers-- city trained-- just cleaned the area a few months prior. It’s really shameful to be used like that. Career entrenched politicians— let’s sing their praises, and await the next photo-op.
Lightnapper August 08, 2012 at 04:15 PM
@Jack... by happenstance, I found the missing construction container while commuting to the Green Arrow nursery-- same graffiti and all. It's been mysteriously teleported to Arleta, and it has now taken up residence on Woodman just past Branford. It is situated in the parking lane. It's still filled with the concrete and block material from a construction site, and it is now accumulating the Arleta locals’ household trash. I guess it’s now Alarcon's problem. When it finally makes it into either Zine's or Smith's CD, perhaps it will find a suitable home, such as a dump. The trash on Strathern east of Bellaire is still piled on the street-- in the bike lane-- and on the sidewalk, but now in two places-- north and south side. Trash abhors loneliness. The “Broken Windows” concept of Bratton's day is apparently out of fashion these days. There must be a lack of funds for city services, except for political-agenda driven picnics and parking and street sweeping enforcement of course, but only in certain high volume, economically feasible areas— like near restaurants and storefronts.


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