Greuel Leads Mayoral Candidates in Early Fundraising

The former Los Angeles City Councilwoman who used to represent Council District 2 was the first to launch a campaign in early March.

City Controller Wendy Greuel leads the pack of official 2013 Los Angeles mayoral candidates in money raised, according to campaign finance totals released today.

However, former Deputy Mayor Austin Beutner raised money at the fastest pace during the first campaign finance filing period, which ended June 30.

The election is not until March 2013, and the deadline for candidates to
enter the race is not until the fall of 2012.

Greuel, a former Los Angeles City Councilwoman who used to represent Council District 2, was the first to launch a campaign in early March, raised more than $518,000 through June 30; City Councilwoman Jan Perry took in nearly $457,000; investment banker and former Deputy Mayor Austin Beutner raised $405,000; and attorney and conservative radio talk show host Kevin James reported amassing $91,000.

"It's clear that people are looking for an experienced problem-solver who can bring needed reforms to City Hall to make Los Angeles work again," Greuel said in a statement touting her as the only candidate who has won a citywide election.

Perry, whose council district includes downtown Los Angeles and a swath of South L.A. east of the Harbor (110) Freeway, said her "record of delivering on key services and renewing the district I represent ... has built a powerful foundation for my race for mayor."

"I have made city government work in my district," Perry said. "As
mayor, I will make it work for all Los Angeles residents once again."

Since declaring his candidacy, Beutner has raised close to $37,000 per week. Greuel and Perry both brought in about $30,500 per week.

"In the early running, Austin Beutner is clearly setting the pace in the race,'' Beutner campaign consultant Sean Cleggs said.

The candidates have spent some of their money on campaign consultants, fundraisers, Web site designers and new-media strategists.

Greuel spent the least of her fundraising dollars as of June 30. She reported having $475,000 cash on hand. Perry had $419,000; Beutner $332,000; and James $26,800.

Greuel reported more than 660 contributors to her campaign, including several local government officials. Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Commissioner Jonathan Parfrey and Recreation and Parks Commission President Barry Sanders gave $1,000 and $500, respectively, while California Air Resources Board Chair Mary Nichols gave $1,000.

Two members of Greuel's staff, Chief Deputy Controller Claire Bartels and Deputy Controller Shannon Murphy, each gave $1,000 to the campaign.

Former Mayor Richard Riordan and billionaire philanthropist Eli Broad each gave Beutner $1,000 -- the maximum individual amount allowed for candidates running for citywide office.

Beutner received $2,000 from employees of Anschutz Entertainment Group, which is in negotiations with the city to build a $1.2 billion NFL stadium downtown. He also received $5,000 from attorneys with the law firm Latham & Watkins, which lobbies city officials on behalf of AEG.

Perry's campaign filing was not immediately available on the city Ethics Commission's website.

Neighborhood Council board member Y.J. Draiman, rapper and film producer Malcolm Mays and Jose Di Raimondo have also filed paperwork to raise money for the 2013 mayoral campaign. The deadline to file a fundraising report is midnight tonight.

City Council President Eric Garcetti, county Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky and billionaire developer Rick Caruso are all rumored to be considering runs.


--The City News Service

Skraeling August 02, 2011 at 03:59 AM
Maybe, she could find it in her heart to repay the taxpayers for the special elections who forced upon us in order to advance her career! She is a self serving pol who has the locals believing she is a real reformer...She certainly "reformed" Studio City, giving it to developers and builders, grafitti thugs, and abandoned grocery carts....She represents,as does Yaroslavsky, all that is wrong with LA....
Alex Daniels August 02, 2011 at 03:27 PM
Wendy you truly are amazing. You have the gall to try a run for mayor as it was under your tenure in city council that we saw our city dwindle into a 3rd world corrupt banana republic.... LA politics lives in a vacuum to the rest of the cities of the US.... corrupt, union, dwp and developer purhased and its members are ready for more cash cash cash to fund thier reelections as soon as thye are voted into office..we know the routine by now Wendy!!!! $$$....Being that this city became a corrupt banana republic under your tenure in city council along with the rest of your union, developer, and DWP "purchased" ilk, I can say with confidence, I will NEVER vote for for you....Our schools, streets and general infrastructure are in dire need repair and business as usual just wont work here anymore Wendy.....We need NEW ideas and you, Wendy are part of this broken system and its time for a CHANGE.. SO DONATE ALL OF YOUR FUND RAISING BRIBE MONEY TO A SHELTER, WENDY...THERE IS NO WAY IN HECK, THAT I AM VOTING FOR YOU!!!


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