Guns Can Be Exchanged for Grocery Cards Saturday in the Valley

Patch file photo.
Patch file photo.

Guns may be surrendered, with no questions asked, at four locations Saturday in exchange for Ralphs grocery cards valued at up to $200, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced today.

The city will accept firearms from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at:

  • The Los Angeles Sports Arena, 3939 S. Figueroa St., in central Los Angeles
  • The park and ride parking lot at 1300 W. Pacific Coast Highway in Wilmington
  • The parking lot at 2379 W. Washington Blvd. in West Los Angeles
  • The Van Nuys Masonic Temple, 14750 Sherman Way

Almost 12,000 firearms have been taken off the streets since the city's gun buyback program started in 2009, according to the mayor's office.

Garcetti also announced he has appointed Anne C. Tremblay permanent director of his Gang Reduction and Youth Development office, which runs the gun buyback and the Summer Night Lights program.

--City News Service

rob vanasco May 30, 2014 at 02:11 PM
Thats is just great. So now some gangbanger can get rid of that gun he used to kill somebody and the city will get rid of the evidence for him. God forbid some of these families should get any closure for their family members getting killed in unsolved murders. The 'leadership' of this city just does not get it. How about taking the guns away from the officers who shot at Mr Purdue and the two ladies driving a truck during the Dorner manhunt. Cuz its all about 'public safety' right?pffffft..
Christopher Drozd May 30, 2014 at 05:08 PM
Since 2009 some 12000 firearms "taken off the streets"? That's crap. Those firearms weren't the ones ON the streets being used in crimes. The idea of gun control, and attendant reactive, irrational disarmament attitudes continue to be way off target— http://www.sportfit.com/2013/01/28/gun-control-is-way-off-target/. That is, if public safety is the goal. Guns are not the problem.
Charles Murray June 02, 2014 at 12:35 PM
These events are tax money-wasting, typical Lefty "feel-good-in-the-moment" boondoggles. Tragically, many of the "dangerous weapons surrendered" are very valuable antiques, which were never a threat to anyone, and will be destroyed (as opposed to being auctioned to responsible collectors and historians, museums, etc). Case in point, recently in New York, a very rare 1st generation Colt Walker .44 cap & ball (black powder) revolver was turned in, but luckily an officer at the site of the event, recognized it and he or she told the owner, so it was not surrendered after all. Later it was donated to charity and sold for $350,000. But in CA, we're so hell-bent to vilify and destroy "deadly weapons" (or as I see it, inanimate objects), that we couldn't care less how much money is wasted and antiques destroyed for nothing. If anyone thinks that ANYONE other than a responsible, sane, law-abiding citizen is going to surrender a late-model functional firearm, then we have a bigger societal denial problem than we want to admit to having. I am sure that NOT ONE firearm surrendered this weekend for grocery cards, would have been used in a future crime. Charles M.


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