Mike Feuer Makes It Official and Files to Run for City Attorney

Feuer has been making his "good-bye" speeches to Neighborhood Councils that he served while in State Assemby.

Sherman Oaks resident Mike Feuer has been saying good-bye for the past few weeks. He highlighted his accomplishments in Sacramento at the Studio City and Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Councils over the past few weeks and said, "I enjoyed representing this area, and I hope to continue to in some capacity again."

On Thursday, he made it official that he is running for the City Attorney position by taking out nominating papers and officially jumping in the race.

"I was termed out of my state assembly seat, and the people here became like a family to me," Feuer told Patch of the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council as he swore them in recently.

In an official statement after filing the papers Thursday afternoon, Feuer said:

“I'm running for City Attorney to be L.A.'s chief problem solver.  In contrast to the incumbent's agenda, I'll focus on our city's most important priorities, from making neighborhoods and schools safer to creating jobs.  I'll bring a strong, independent voice to City government, cutting through needless divisiveness and contention to find solutions to our toughest challenges.  It's time to turn the page in the City Attorney's office with fresh ideas and a new brand of leadership.  

"Over the next four months, I will crisscross the city to meet with Angelenos in their neighborhoods, listening closely to their goals and learning what they expect from their next City Attorney.”

Already endorsements came to his side from 15 current and past presidents of the L.A. County Bar Association.

The current president, Richard Burdge, said, "Mike Feuer would bring exceptional legal skills, a deep understanding of the judicial system, strong leadership and sound judgment to the office of Los Angeles City Attorney," said Burdge.  “I've known Mike for many years.  He directed one of our nation's finest public interest law firms with great distinction.  He was an extraordinary Chair of the California Assembly Judiciary Committee, where he championed reform of our justice system and led efforts to assure access to justice for all.  Mike is one of the most qualified candidates ever to seek the office of City Attorney and has my enthusiastic endorsement.”

In response to the endorsements, Feuer said, "It's quite an honor to have the support of so many of Los Angeles’ leading lawyers in my campaign for City Attorney. I'm humbled by their confidence in my ability to lead an office that once again can be the best municipal law firm in the nation.”

Feuer already set the groundwork for challenging incumbent City Attorney Carmen Trutanich and reportedly has raised four times the amount of cash.

For more information and the full endorsement list, click here: http://votemikefeuer.com/?showcase=complete-list

To read the list of accomplishments in the assembly, click here:  http://www.assembly.ca.gov/Feuer

Laura November 09, 2012 at 06:45 PM
Agree with Miki. Feuer is one of the good ones.
Erik Story November 09, 2012 at 07:32 PM
D. Jude, unfortunately you sound like someone who just hates all public officials, period. You clearly have never met Mike Feuer. If you had, as I have, you would know what a decent, hardworking, caring, intelligent, and humble person he is. You say his goal is to "achieve as many public pensions (as he) can grab"? I'll point out that Feuer is a Harvard Law graduate who could have easily earned ten times the amount of money he makes as an elected official, but he chose not to do so. Like his father before him, who was a war veteran with a distinguished career in public education, Feuer chose to ignore the big money and serve to make his city, his world, a better place. While I cannot vote for him because I don't live within the Los Angeles city boundaries, I urge you to really get to know your City Attorney candidates. I am quite confident you will end up believing in Mike Feuer.
Alex White November 09, 2012 at 09:13 PM
LA is not a better place. It's worse than ever. Mainly because of inept, incompetent career politicians and appointed officials feathering their own beds. Nepotism rules LA. Since the 50's, it's sunk lower than the Rio Grande during a Texas drought. It used to be a nice place to live. In the late 70's, it began churning like an overflowing toilet as Herds of Shepple from distant lands arrived. During the 90's, it converted completely. It’s the 21st century, and LA is as corrupt and repressed a cesspool as Mexico itself. Dirty, crime-ridden, bankrupt, inefficient, Developer spoiled-- and more people coming still because it's better than freezing to death while unemployed in the East and Midwest, or having your head cut off by ZETA. And everything’s free and easy-- capice? Good City Attorney or otherwise! Criminals and cultural non-assimilators could care less. Insurance fraud, ID theft. Drug dealing and Prostitution. Extortion and Grand Theft. Burglaries and robberies. Murder and mayhem. Wake up and smell the rancid burrito rojo, observe the graffiti, note the proliferation of gangs, and embrace the thuggish LA culture intertwined with rampant crime. Or, you could just move to Simi Valley. If you haven't already? At least your taxes will go to protect you; the graffiti will be painted over; litter is picked up; criminals are actually prosecuted and incarcerated; the school system works, and your streets will be pothole free. What a concept. It will be almost like America.
Charles Becke November 23, 2012 at 06:23 AM
Mike Feuer is a joke. He wants to be the Chief Prosecutor of Los Angeles and he has absolutely no experience as a prosecutor. I want to be the starting pitcher for the Dodgers but I've never been on the mound.
Concerned Citizen November 23, 2012 at 06:26 AM
Mike Feuer is a joke. He wants to be the Chief Prosecutor of Los Angeles and he has absolutely no experience as a prosecutor. I want to be the starting pitcher for the Dodgers but I've never been on the mound.


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