UPDATED: Neighborhood Council Candidate Lineup

Seats are up for six neighborhood council spread across North Hollywood and Toluca Lake.

The filing period for the Sept. 20 neighborhood council elections has ended and candidates for the race have been verified.

There are six neighborhood councils in the area. Patch will keep you updated on the candidate lineup in the coming days.

Here are the candidate so far for Region 4 neighborhood councils. Candidate descriptions are provided by Empower L.A. Head to its website for more detailed candidate information:

Greater Valley Glen Neighborhood Council:

  • Kathleen Schwartz-A 34-year resident of Valley Glen and a Greater Valley Glen homeowner representative.
  • Frank Guttler-A 13-year homeowner in Valley Glen
  • Larry Jorgenson-A Valley Glen resident since 1947.
  • Douglas Breidenbach-A current member of the neighborhood council.
  • Mike Stathopoulos-A Valley Glen resident since last December.
  • Carlos Ferreyra-The current treasurer of the neighborhood council.
  • Jessica Russell-A neighborhood watch coordinator appointed by the Van Nuys Police Department.
  • Jonathan Curtsinger-A member of the American Guild of Musical Artists board of governors for 18 years.
  • Linda Coates.
  • Brent Potter.
  • Sloan Myrick-a Valley Glen resident since 2005.
  • Karen Klaparda-A member of the neighborhood council for the past two years.
  • Victor Viereck-A current member of the neighborhood council.
  • Shay Brook-A Valley Glen resident since 2008.
  • Lisa Samson-A management consultant.
  • Maria Denis.
  • Stanley Friedman-A member of the neighborhood council since 2007.
  • Rachel Friedman-A lifelong resident of Valley Glen.
  • Terry Anderson-A 7-year member of the neighborhood council.
  • William Fishman.
  • Bruce Thomas.
  • Nicolai Pawluk.
  • Charles Samson-A member of the neighborhood council and co-chair of the Parks and Community Improvement Committee.
  • Elanor Redd.
  • Mark Gordon.

Valley Village Neighborhood Council:

  • Mindy Tennen.
  • Suzanne Lewis-A 25-year resident of the San Fernando Valley.
  • Phyllis Hirsch-A tenured professor at Los Angeles Valley College.
  • Dale Liebowitz-Neglia-An at-large member of the Valley Village Neighborhood Council and 25-year president of her condominium's homeowner association.
  • Anthony Braswell.
  • Dana Landis-R&D for a talent consulting firm in Century City.
  • Michelle Peacock-A 30-year resident of Valley Village and an executive vice president at Digital Media Service.
  • Sandy Hubbard-A two-year member of the neighborhood council.
  • Craig Cichy.
  • Jay Werner-A 21-year resident of Valley Village.
  • Dylan Herrick-A 25-year resident of Valley Village.
  • Charles Sulahian-Owner of Marie et Cie.
  • Cathy Flynn.
  • Richard Tebbano-Retired assistant superintendent for the Department of School Support Services for the Long Beach Unified School District.
  • Dale Liebowitz-Neglia-An at large member of the neighborhood council and 20-year president of her condominium's homeowner association.
  • Matthew Wolfson-A licensed attorney and real estate broker.
  • Mitchell Rosen.

North Hollywood North East Neighborhood Council:

  • Florence Dorick-An at-large member of the council for the past five years.
  • Edan Harris.
  • Ruben Borges.
  • Sarah Ramsawack-One of the founders of the Strathern Neighborhood Watch.
  • J. Eric Freedner-Current member of the neighborhood council and a legal secretary.
  • Wung Ghang-A resident-representative on the neighborhood council.
  • Chuck Loring.
  • Jeffrey Garner.
  • Inez Morin.
  • Judy Harris-North-North Hollywood Neighborhood Watch captain, and resident-representative and outreach chair for the neighborhood council.

North Hollywood West Neighborhood Council:

  • Jim Kompare-A one-year member of the neighborhood council.
  • Avedis Hakopian.

Mid-Town North Hollywood Neighborhood Council:

  • Ken Bryant-An artist, realtor and a member of the neighborhood council.
  • Yvonne Demery-Member of the neighborhood council and chair of the Beautificiation Committee.
  • Frank Mihelcic-A resident-representative of the neighborhood council.
  • Kevin MacKelvie-A member of the neighborhood council and chair of the public safety and beautification committees.
  • David Govea-A member of the neighborhood council.
  • Justine Visone-An actress and one of the organizers of the NoHo Theatre & Arts Festival.
  • Barbara Nance-A member of the neighborhood council and a realtor.
  • Ted Kriesel-Owner of a home-based advertising agency.
  • Joseph Shore-Goss-A local pastor.
  • Anika Peress-A university teacher and owner of a local recording studio.
  • Diann Corral-President of the Laurel Grove Neighborhood Association and former neighborhood council treasurer.
  • Radomir Luza-Patch contributor and organizer of the First Annual San Fernando Valley Poetry Festival.
  • Mark Felicetti.
  • Rober Peppermuller-At-large member of the neighborhood council.
  • Cameron Cox-A two-year member of the neighborhood council.
  • Fanny Martinez-Twelve years of experience in project management and corporate administration.
  • Jerrell Walls.
  • Carol Wyner-Member of the neighborhood council and holds the community organization/nonprofit seat.
  • Keith Dell'Aquilla-A public school history teacher.
  • Mary Garcia.
  • Mary Mann. A playwright and author.
  • Gloria Gold-A charter member of neighborhood council Board of Directors of and a former board vice president.
  • Kateryna Dove-A special education teacher.

Greater Toluca Lake Neighborhood Council:

  • Stacy Citron.
  • Jessica Miller-A director of marketing.
  • Dylan Conroy-A 2-year member of the neighborhood council.
  • Janice Eaton-Served two terms on the neighborhood council.
  • Ryan Altoon.
  • Audrey Borges-Direct Therapist at the Shape of Behavior.
  • Jenn Lucene-Owner of a local yoga studio.
  • Craig Strong-A 6-year member of the neighborhood council.
  • Lee Jamieson.
  • Andrew Westall-A 2-year member of the neighborhood council.
  • Jerome Williams-A current member of the neighborhood council.
  • John Moskal-An original member of the neighborhood council.
  • Don Miller.
  • Ranele Anderson.
  • Barbara Kaye.
  • Daphne Kozek-A 3-year member of the neighborhood council.
  • Pamela Scharlach.
  • Danielle Mihaljevich-A realtor.
Reverend Joseph Shore-Goss August 22, 2012 at 04:36 PM
it took me three tries to figure out which district to apply for and now i find I may have applied for the wrong position...they need to make it a simpler process
irma glutz August 22, 2012 at 07:54 PM
D.O.N.E makes being a Board of directors member position unnecessarily difficult, and all the bogus red tape is useless, because the Department of Neverending Excuses can't even keep up with our budgets, much less the elections... Good luck anyone who tries to sort this ridiculous department out..
Bob Peppermuller August 22, 2012 at 10:21 PM
I agree with you 100%. I am on the MidTwnNoHo board for last 9 months. 1. Being part of a bureaucracy and spending taxpayer money red tape comes with the job. I just learn to adapt. 2. I e-mailed my election form in 2 weeks ago. Still don't know if I am on the ballot. Filing ended yesterday. 3. Your definition of DONE is absolutely correct. In the 9 months I have been on the board that is all I have ever heard (and from Gracie herself). I have dug into the budget and by laws of our NC with items that get answered with excuses. 4. To be fair DONE has had it's legs cut off (excuse #2543). Do we continue to cut them slack while the place crumbles? 5. Yes, 6 months max. NC's are too valuable for our local communities. We (all NC's) have to show solidarity and go after the City Council to fund/staff DONE so that it can function properly and in turn the NCs. 6. and that, my friend, will be a hard nut to crack (future excuse #2544).
irma glutz August 23, 2012 at 03:20 AM
Bless you for sticking with it Mr. Peppermuller. You deserve a medal, as do our NC treasurer, president and secretary and other committee leaders and volunteers... If we hear one more time that our "line item" wasn't in the right place, or they lost the demand warrant or the email... yada yada yada..
Jean Jeunet August 27, 2012 at 04:23 PM
Glad to see so many people becoming interested in the neighborhood, especially in MidTown NoHo.


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