Officials Investigate if North Hollywood Businessman Received Special Treatment on Car Impound

Two investigations -- by the LAPD and its Office of Inspector General -- have been launched.

The husband of a City of Los Angeles department head is apologizing for doing"an awful thing" when he called the mayor's office to complain that his car was being impounded by the LAPD, it was reported today.

The Los Angeles Daily News reported that Maurice Levin, a North Hollywood businessman, admits he asked for special treatment when his car was impounded by an LAPD officer because it had expired registration. Levin is married to city computer manager Randi Levin.

"I did an awful thing when I was pulled over for a traffic stop," Levin told the Daily News. "This is all my fault. I behaved badly and I apologize."

Two investigations -- by the LAPD and its Office of Inspector General -- have been launched to determine if Levin had been granted special favors, department spokesman Cmdr. Andrew Smith told the Daily News. News of the controversy was first reported by CBS2.

Levin was stopped for running a red signal at Ventura at Coldwater Canyon boulevards, CBS2 reported. As his car was being towed to an impound yard, Levin apparently called the mayor's office to complain, according to the Daily News.

A whistleblower told the Daily News that the mayor's office called police Chief Charlie Beck, who contacted the Van Nuys division commander, Capt. Paul Snell. He authorized the car's release back to Levin, and the city paid the $325.80 impound fee to the official police garage, Archer's Tow in North Hollywood.

Snell told CBS2 that he "received a cal from someone from the chief's office. It wasn't the chief of police. It was a representative from the chief's office that asked I look at the impound," the station reported on its website, CBS Los Angeles.

Levin has since reimbursed LAPD for the tow charge that it covered, the newspaper reported.

Lightnapper April 21, 2012 at 05:47 PM
Love it. Really loved how Capt. Snell was slobbering all over himself during David Goldstein's interview with him as he tried to explain away this overt, outright hypocritical nepotism-- Chief's orders or otherwise! And trust me, they can also cancel traffic tickets-- just lose the "Greenie." And don't think for a moment that signed "business cards" aren't still being handed out and passed over to the suddenly "non-citing" officer who just initiated a valid traffic stop on the selfish jerk who just ran a stop sign. The jerk now skating while the frustrated officer-- just trying to do his job-- now silently fumes because some knucklehead who is driving unsafe has a "get-out-of-jail" card from one of his buddies/family on the PD, and not to quietly "go with the program" and honor it will only lead to retaliation in some form. Come on Goldstein follow those bread crumbs. The people have a right to know
Annoyed April 22, 2012 at 05:51 AM
PATHETIC! Well I always believed in KARMA and I guess Maurice is getting some!!!!
John J. Nazarian April 22, 2012 at 11:17 PM
LMAO does this not make all of us wonder, 'what else goes on'...."slobbering" I am sure he is watching were this could take his career. That being the good 'Captain'....LAPD has a tendency to not forget when their higher ups step in it! John J. Nazarian, P.I. straighttalkwithjohnjnazarian.com
Terry April 24, 2012 at 03:19 AM
People like Maurice Levin make me SICK!!!!! These scum bags think they are above the law and can just make a phone call and get special treatment and then lie about it. WOW. And this is a business man to. I would hate to do business with this kind of unethical person. If you lie, cheat and steal, then you deserve what you get! Everyone involved should be held responsible, but of course, this kind of crap goes on all the time so nothing will happen. That is why our world is so screwed up!
ixigena January 30, 2013 at 03:09 AM
Would police also will investigate that Maurice Levin some thousand US dollars to his International customer??


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