VIDEO: Valley Village Park Renovations Celebrated at Groundbreaking

Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Krekorian is among the speakers.

Members of the Neighborhood Council Valley Village, the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks and Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Krekorian gathered in Valley Village Park to at the park that are currently underway.

See the video for full details.

Suzanne Lewis October 14, 2011 at 01:36 AM
HUGE Shout-Out to Councilman Paul Krekorian and his staff especially Nikki Ezhari and Pat Davenport.Rec and Parks especially Kathleen Hanover and Ramon Barajas. And the NCVV Board Members, Tony Braswell, President, Ginny Hatfield, VP, Andrew Sacher, David Bate & Suzanne Lewis. Breice Lewis-Reiner was there representing the VVHA for a great morning!
Skraeling October 14, 2011 at 06:27 AM
Sure, if only they could do something to clean up the abandoned grocery carts in every street and alley around that park, the graffitti, the bad street traffic patterns the parking of cheap advertising signs, and garbage around every unsightly bus stop, or the rezoning allowing for huge apts to replace 4 unit garden apts, yet offer no new infrastructure...but hey, huge shout out for maintaining a park that has been well maintained for decades!
Suzanne Lewis October 14, 2011 at 04:46 PM
No haters.
Cathy Flynn October 14, 2011 at 05:56 PM
Since there's no bus stops, traffic lights, new apartments or trailer advertising nearby, I assume Jack's talking about some other park. We do get the occasional homeless guy taking a nap, but not on a daily basis, and that seems to be due to the weak economy - not park upkeep. I think Valley Village Park is one of the cleanest & safest parks around, and even though it's a popular place to bring your dog, I rarely see a pile on the ground. By the way, you can call 3-1-1 to report potholes, overflowing trash cans, and abandoned vehicles and furniture. Call 800-252-4613 to report abandoned shopping carts. If you don't report it, how is the city going to know to clean it up?
Ron Jimenez January 03, 2012 at 06:23 AM
There's an app for that too! CartSnap has been helping clean up communities of abandoned shopping carts in California for almost a year now. Check it out at http://www.cartsnap.com.


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