Your Studio City Ballot and What Your Neighbors Say

Click to see the ballot and see what people have blogged about it.

From the presidential election to the adult industry wearing condoms. Click on the PDF above for the full entire ballot that you will see on Tuesday, and click on articles and blogs of what people have said about them.


* Meet Mitt Romney - Republican Presidential Nominee

* Barak Obama Random Hopes

* 'Roseanne For President' (Peace and Freedom Party) Campaign Hits the Valley



* News of the HomeFront, Dianne Feinstein



Berman-Sherman Battle Now a Blog

* Blog: Berman-Sherman Debate Was an Abomination



* Adrin Nazarian Holds Studio City Meet-and-Greet in Run for State Assembly

* Adrin Nazarian and Jay Stern Make Their Cases for the 46th Assembly District [VIDEO]

* GOP's Stern Squeaks Into 46th Assembly Runoff



* SFVRC Unanimously Endorses Alan J. Jackson for District Attorney



* Deciphering Propositions 30 and 38

* Blog: Are We Willing to be a Catalyst for Change?

* Insurance Industry-Backed Proposition on California Ballot Prop 33

* Voter Guide: Propositions 34 and 36

* Prop. 37: Should Genetically Modified Foods Be Denoted in Labels?

* GET THE FACTS: How Does Prop 38 Help Higher Education and Address the 'Trigger' Cuts?

* Valley PTA Rally at Beeman Park for Prop 38 on Thursday Afternoon

* Blog: Another Pop Quiz on Proposition 38



* L.A. Attorney's Office Opposes Condoms In Porn Ballot Measure

* VIDEO: Former Porn Actress Calls for Condom Use in Films

* 'Suit Up' Says LA's Official Condom

* Adult Film Studios Threaten to Quit L.A. Over Condom Law

* Blog: No on Measure J

* Poll: Will You Support Extended Sales Tax Increase for Transit Projects?


Barbara Krause November 05, 2012 at 03:20 PM
This is such an important election in so many ways...VOTE.
Skraeling November 06, 2012 at 12:14 AM
People who don't vote are letting dumber people who do decide their future...
Sean McCarthy November 06, 2012 at 12:19 AM
The Woodland Hills Chamber of Commerce recommends the following votes: Prop 30 - Oppose, Prop 31 - Support, Prop 32 - Support, Prop 33 - Support, Prop 34 - No Position, Prop 35 - Support, Prop 36 - No Position, Prop 37 - Oppose, Prop 38 - Oppose, Prop 39 - Oppose, Prop 40 - No Position. LA Measures: A - Oppose, B - Oppose, J - Oppose, HH - Oppose, MM - Oppose. For more information go to: http://woodlandhills.patch.com/blog_posts/woodland-hills-tarzana-chamber-of-commerce-2012-voter-guide
Skraeling November 06, 2012 at 06:11 AM
Teh Woodland Hills CofC is on the wrong side of most issues, why would this be any different?


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