Blog: Berman-Sherman Debate Was an Abomination

I am appalled by what I observed Thursday at Pierce Community College.

As a teacher for over 37 years and a community activist for most of that time, I am appalled by what I observed Thursday during the Howard Berman-Brad Sherman Debate at Pierce Community College. 

One goal of the program was to provide students with the opportunity to observe first-hand how the democratic process works. What they saw, instead, was appalling—an abomination!

A debate should be informative, balanced, and even-handed. Yet, when one candidate, Brad Sherman, literally accosted (both verbally and physically) his opponent, he only brought shame to our political institutions (not unlike what transpired in the 1800s with the caning of Charles Sumner by Preston Brooks). As Paul Ryan noted that same evening (though I strongly disagree with why he said it), when one cannot stand on one’s record, one tries to diminish the opposition.  Sherman, obviously, cannot handle the truth!

Sherman has been making scurrilous comments, outrageous distortions, and libelous aspersions on the very character of Rep. Berman (who, by the way, handled himself throughout the debate as a gentleman and a lion of the House; he could have pressed charges against Sherman and have him arrested but chose to take the high road). Attention to the facts (something Sherman rarely does) demonstrate unequivocally that throughout Berman’s career, he has served his constituents in particular and the nation in general in a most distinguished way.

The students at Pierce learned that it was Berman who long ago introduced the Dream Act which would provide a pathway to citizenship for young people (those who are currently undocumented through no fault of their own) but who are now and will continue to be productive assets to our nation.

Berman has addressed environmental issues. Pierce is instrumental in offering classes which is assisting so many of our young people to pursue permanent, career, prevailing-wage green jobs, positions which will not only help them earn a decent living but will ameliorate the carbon footprint in our community.  Incidentally, Berman has worked to create the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy—another commitment to our environment.

After the earthquake in 1994, it was he who prevented the demolition of Kaiser Hospital in Panorama City and Kennedy High School in Granada Hills. Nationally, he has worked diligently with our European and Middle Eastern partners (and especially Israel) to develop and perpetuate a deep and abiding and trusting relationship with our friends abroad.

These are the issues on which the Pierce students should have been able to concentrate. Instead, they witnessed reprehensible behavior by a weak congressman who lashed out because he does not have a record to stand on.  Sherman has only delivered for his community as an add-on co-sponsor when the vote is already clearly supported by his fellow House members (he frequently waits to see how others will vote before he casts his).

Furthermore, as I frequently comment to others that a staff is a true reflection on the elected. There is such a high turn-over in Sherman’s office—both locally and nationally—because the workplace is so disturbing. What is more, constituents are too frequently dismissed by insensitive, uncooperative, and dismissive staffers that they often wind up getting the help they seek from Berman’s office even though those residents are not actually Berman’s constituents.

These behaviors were also observed by those in attendance at the debate. All of this served as an outstanding teachable moment for the professors and public/private school educators who were in the audience: How is an elected official expected to act and react and reflect the values and moral principles on which our country was founded, survived, prospered, and grown throughout the centuries of our history?

Finally, if you are already a Berman voter, you have every reason to continue to be. If you are a Sherman supporter or undecided, please take the time to assess and re-assess your position.  Good government demands it!

Submitted by

Rosemary Jenkins

Teacher, LAUSD

AD 39 Chair, Los Angeles County Democratic Party

Green Chair, Neighborhood Council




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Dannielle Huxley October 14, 2012 at 02:51 AM
That's rather arbitrary... They just as likely could steal my car or kill me. (This, of course, is true of anyone)
Howard Cohen October 14, 2012 at 05:20 AM
I have been waiting for the REAL Brad Sherman to show us his true colors and Thursday at Pierce was the day. This guy does not need to go back to Congress. He needs to go to a shrink!
Bob Peppermuller October 21, 2012 at 09:39 PM
It is a shame write in ballots are not allowed and I don't even live in the district. I really wish those two would smoke peace pipe and present themselves to the public as worthy of that office.
heuo November 06, 2012 at 02:57 AM
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AG March 09, 2013 at 04:36 PM
Berman or Sherman...a choice between two empty suits like 'tweedle dumb or tweedle dee". I voted for Mark Reed, the local businessman, native american and Republican. As long as people put clown like this in their Govt.. you'll get clown house actions and attitudes. Sherman said when put on a congressional task force to sutdy immigration proeblems, "This is a dog & pony show!". That's what he thinks of immigrants problems and concerns. The Dream Act is nothing but a reward for illegal behavior at the voters expense when our state is spending billions we don't have to support illegals from ANY country. 84% of illgelas from Mexico and south american are on welfare. Where's the social support system for the american citizens who play by the rules and need it now in the terrible economy. Citizens first...


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