Roy Romer Students Protest Teacher Layoffs With a Music Video

This impressive YouTube video was posted yesterday.

Today is the last day of school at in North Hollywood.

Yesterday, a YouTube video produced by the students and faculty to protest teacher layoffs was posted. LA Observed made us aware of the video, which is very well produced, touching, moving and, quite frankly, speaks for itself.

Alex Daniels June 25, 2011 at 05:27 PM
Nice try unions. and shame on you teachers for brainwashing and using our kids as pawns in covering up YOUR obvious failures. It is YOUR lack of concern for any professional and fiscal responsibility and the greed of the UTLA that has brought us to this... The students ask "WHY"? Well kiddies, ask your teacher who has tenure after only 2 years and been using the same lesson plans for 24 years or maybe ask the LAUSD administrators and teachers who wasted billions and are the highest paid in the country. This video is shot at a nice school which I'm sure cost 10 times more than what a conventionally designed school would have cost..another example of complete disregard for any long term fiscal responsibility. Do you notice how the public is silent and has no sympathy in your pleas for "justice"? ..The quicker the top heavy and union corrupt LAUSD is dismantled and our kids can be taught in learning facilities that put students first once again, the better we will be..R.I.P. LAUSD, your time is done...
Gary Yettner June 25, 2011 at 07:23 PM
Do you have a child at this school? Stop blaming and help us find a solution. Laying off teachers is not the answer. Children are the victims of the mismanagement and the continual give away of public schools to private enterprise. We are working together, but there will be little left when the leadership of the Los Angeles Unfied School District is done.


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