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Walter Reed Music Programs Win First Places—Again, and One Teacher Gets RIF'd—Again

It always seems to come at the same time. The school wins awards, then the teachers are in danger of getting fired.

It's that time of year again. It's the time of year for the amazing award-winning to win awards in singing and jazz and orchestra—and it's time for the of that same group to worry about staying on another year.

The school just heard that the Walter Reed Music groups won 1st Place in all three categories at the Heritage Music Festival.

But, once again, the team that created the award-winning musical magic is jeopardized, because instrumental teacher Jessica Johnson doesn't have enough tenure.

Band department manager Stephen McDonough and vocal teacher Janice Kueppers are safe and didn't receive the Reduction in Force letter that is a warning that there may not be enough funding for their positions. But, Johnson once again received a RIF notice.

"This is a frustrating exercise that we will have to go through year after year, and it's unfair for the teachers," McDonough said in last year when he received the notice. He sad that talented teachers like Johnson deserve to be treated better and could easily find more secure jobs. "She of course is an important element to the success of our music department."

Last year, about the music departments in LAUSD led to the RIF notices being rescinded, but once again, it's another distraction for Johnson and the music department as the school prepares for their year-end concerts.



Yet once again Music Teacher Ms Johnson has received a RIF notice from the LAUSD.

John J. Nazarian May 03, 2012 at 04:45 AM
Were is "America " in all of this, a music class in a school! A teacher of music who is on top of her game and is facing termination? Shame on the LAUSD, Shame on the Teachers Union and most of all the bureaucracy that is called LAUSD. That whole system should be broken down and those who manage placed at the schools and when a meeting is needed pick a school auditorium and have it there. This huge overhead that is paid to keep all of the administrators in office suites is outrageous in light of what is going on. break it all down, everyone goes to schools and management takes on a new life and most of all a direction of 'lean and mean'. And Ms. Johnson gets rewarded not the possibility of being terminated.....shame of all of the administrators. John J. Nazarian, P.I. straighttalkwithjohnjnazarian.com
D.L May 04, 2012 at 01:55 AM
Until the LAUSD figures out how to reward success instead of money chasing failure program like the fantastic award winning Music Program with dedicated teachers will continue to be lost or beaten down. Support Walter Reed Music Program and keep fighting the fight!


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