How Craig Clough Lost 20 Pounds in 4 Months

Here we walk you step by step through the numbers chart. .the very charts that helped him to get healthy and hot, in just four months.

North Hollywood-Toluca Lake Patch Editor Craig Clough walked into on May 31 weighing 206 pounds with a body fat percentage of 34. Four months later, on July 30, he weighed 186 with a body fat percentage of... 18.2.

Craig wrote about , and how he wanted to lose 20 pounds.

So many of you have come in to see what Craig has learned and how I and the coaches at Envy can help. Thank you so much, I’m proud and grateful to all of you who came in to get some coaching, to do the free evaluation, or just to say hi. 

So what are Craig’s numbers, and how the heck is this different from the many other ways coaches work with clients? 

Posted in this blog is Craig’s latest evaluation sheet. Craig has lost more body fat as he commented on my previous blog post. However, we both have very busy lives, and this is what makes this process so magical, it works with busy people. Are you busy? It will work for you.


Here is what you get when you come in for an evaluation…as you can for Craig Clough. So lets break it down.  

At the top is the weight that Craig weighed when he came in to see us back on March, 1st of this year — 206.

His weight

His body fat %, (we calculate that for you when you come in)

Gender, Yes, Craig is a male, whew, I got that right.

His pounds of body fat (this is his total body fat %), every body needs some body fat to protect vital organs.

His Excess body fat- this is the number you want to pay attention to.  This is the fat % we need to get to 0.

Lean body mass — Craig’s muscle and bone…a  nice high number here and a low body fat % is our goal and should be yours.

Resting Metabolic Rate – the calories you burn, just sitting and doing nothing or when chatting with me.

****As you can see in this chart, Craig burns a very high amount of calories, just sitting and keeping all of you informed and up to date on the daily events.

Recommendations for Healthy weight loss. This is because 70% of the world is over fat. So we tend to focus on weight loss, but this program is good for weight maintenance. For you athletes out there, we can also do one to help you gain muscle mass and hurt less while doing it.

A COACH IS SO IMPORTANT. If you just go to a store and pull something off the shelf, how do you know its what you truly need? Not everybody is the same, so a coach helps you target a plan especially for you. 

Craig wanted to lose weight, so we worked with these recommended numbers.



On the chart you can see that these are the following:

Daily calorie Limit – the amount you need to be sure you getting each day for healthy weight loss.

Daily Protein Factor – THIS IS THE BIG ONE GUYS….WHOO HOO.

In my experience, most of us don’t eat enough protein. Our bodies don’t create protein, so if you don’t get enough, the body starts to break down your muscles.

What you may not realize is that your muscles are also your heart, lungs and kidneys, etc. Basically your vital organs. So if you were to have a heart problem, and have no heart disease in your family, this could be why.

Then fiber and water intake.

WOW DOES THIS SEEM LIKE A LOT? AND GUESS WHAT, IT TAKES ONLY ABOUT 20 MINS. Unless you have a lot of questions, and then could take a tad longer… that’s what we’re here for, so no problem.


This is the one that is posted on this story. Now that you know what each line means, lets look at Craig’s progress as of March 31, of this year. This is fun!

His weight – 206 to 186 – so Craig lost 20 lbs in four months… this is awesome, how would YOU like to do this.? Are some of you looking at this and thinking it doesn’t seem like much progress?  Come on, you can admit it.


Craig’s body fat % went from 34% - 18.2 %    (down 14.8%) 

Craig’s excess pounds of body fat went from 45.3% – 13.6 % - (down – 31.7 lbs)

And that’s just body FAT!!!! (Clue alert, this is what you want.)

So now, how many of you are doing the math and asking, how is this possible!

I mean, you did read above that Craig only lost 20 lbs, so how the heck has he lost 31.7 lbs in body fat and it NOT show on the scale.

Good question, read on my friends, read on.

Lets take a look at the very next line on Craig’s chart,

Lean Body Mass – Craig’s Lean body mass went from – 136lbs – 152.7lbs..(UP 16.7lbs)!!!!!!!!

Craig gained close to 17 lbs of lean muscle… Can you see now how his scale only showed him a 20 lb loss.


Because muscle is heavier then fat, the scale you step on registers it as a weight gain.

When you only use the scale as your tool in the fight to get healthy, you are deceived in some cases as believing that your plan isn’t working. 

This is why Craig came in to see me at Envy Nutrition. He had tried everything, and he wanted a buddy. That dedicated buddy is yours truly. How did he do it? He learned that he wasn’t hitting the protein factor the chart recommended. Once he got the protein in his body he needed, and watched the calories a bit. Walla!

Craig can now see exactly how and where he is losing and gaining, he can keep on track. Any time he comes in and the numbers aren’t what he wants, he has me, his coach to work with him to get there.  n the first week for example, Craig didn’t exercise, but after that he began to add it to his schedule. When you exercise, your body demands more protein, and calories, so he and I were able to be sure he didn’t deprive his body of nutrition, when he started to exercise…T his is another thing people do, is exercise hard and not eat therefore looking gaunt…c heck Craig out,,HE LOOKS HOT!

I urge you to stop guessing…come in and let us help you get a hold of this just like Craig..

See you soon!

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Terri Jackson @ Envy Nutrition August 19, 2012 at 02:50 AM
yes...this is true, Denise came to see me because of your article Craig. She loves Patch and continues to fill me in if I don't get the chance to check. She always beats me to your latest article..Because of Denise's results, she has decided to join us in coaching others to their health goals as well...so proud of you both.
Terri Jackson @ Envy Nutrition August 19, 2012 at 02:52 AM
Don't worry Robert,,we are kind supportive people here at Envy...but you must take that first step, and then commit. We are all here to give you a helping hand and a leg up. You won't only lose the weight, you'll keep it off...we promise.
xinxinTMC3012 August 27, 2012 at 06:28 AM
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Paleo Recipes January 29, 2013 at 09:53 PM
Way to go Craig! Keep up the hard work! I have changed my diet to Paleo and have reached my goals and I feel fantastic, mentally and physically! Good luck


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