Fire-Nado? Yeah, It's Real

A fire-nado is a real, if rare, weather phenomenon. This one was photographed in Missouri.

Screen grab from Twitter
Screen grab from Twitter
Chillicothe, Missouri – Photos of a fire-nado circulating the internet might seem like some CGI creation for an over-the-top Michael Bay disaster film, but they are real.

The rare fire-nado was photographed by photographer Janae Copelin who told Fox News it was the "coolest, scariest thing," she'd seen. No one was injured in the fire-nado Copelin captured on film.

"The heat of the fire rising through the air allows the vortex to strengthen and create the fire-nado," AccuWeather Meteorologist Eric Lester told Fox. "The fire-nado can then suck more brush and debris into itself and fuel the fire further."

Fire-nado's usually are 5 to 10 to stories high and about 10 feet wide, according to AccuWeather. They generally only last a few minutes, but can easily start more fires by launching burning embers miles away.
Julie the Jarhead May 11, 2014 at 08:06 AM
That's some cray cray weather!!!
Geoff Burton May 11, 2014 at 12:38 PM
Potential tragedies aside, a fire-nado is a spectacular phenomenon.


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