Susan Parker
Retired economist/former Wall St. Banker, Democratic Party Operative in NYC
I'm a native Californian who spent a lot of time in the state of Georgia with my very progressive family, and attended the University of Georgia for my first two years of university. At that time, I was planning on majoring in physics, until a very nasty professor told my best friend and me (the only two women in a large lecture class with about 50 other students) "There's no place in the field of physics for 'girls'"!!! My best friend switched her major to mathematics, and I switched my major, for a short time at least, to journalism.
I finished my schooling at Forham University in NYC with my degree in Economics/Labor Economics and minored in Management. I moved on to Columbia for post-graduate work in Economics, where I was forced to leave before I completed my Master's degree, due to financial reasons. Before moving to NYC, I spent two years living in Chelsea, London, where I spent my time writing a column for a local newspaper. The column covered local news/gossip from an American viewpoint. I used a lot of humour (my favorite genre) and "local color" in my writing. It was a lot of fun to write, as I was also working three other jobs simultaneously; jobs that gave me a "unique vision of all things Chelsea". My favorite job was working in the local "Newsagent's" shop. I met everyone on their way to work in the a.m., and learned who liked which newspaper(s), and what kind of tobacco products they liked, if they were smokers. People always had time to stop and chat, and as a result, I never was short of material for my column. There's so much more I could say, but I don't have the time. Guess I have been lucky. I returned to my native SoCal in '96, and I married "the love of my life" on
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